A heartwarming story of another ROMAC success.

ROMAC provides "within Australia and New Zealand, medical treatment for children 15 years and under, who are from developing countries, for life saving and/or dignity restoring surgery not available to them in their own country”

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ROMAC patient Viliame bounced into New Zealand from Fiji on August 22.

Unlike many wee heart patients, who often arrive feeling quite poorly, Viliame was a bundle of energy, sprinting about the airport. He was in the country for a procedure to treat a coronary arterial fistula – a connection between one or more of the coronary arteries and a cardiac chamber or great vessel. This is a rare defect and usually occurs in isolation. The majority of such fistulas are generally congenital in origin. They do not usually cause symptoms or complications in the first two decades of life, especially when small. After this age, the frequency of both symptoms and complications usually increases.

Viliame, supported and cared for by his mother Talia, underwent a relatively straightforward procedure in September, at Auckland’s Starship Hospital, involving a catheter closure using a variety of closure devices.

Viliame is now waiting for a follow-up appointment to review the procedure and determine if he is ready for discharge to return home.

David Skinner and the Rotary Club of Milford have been hosts for Viliame and his mother during his stay in New Zealand.

Source:  Rotary Down Under www.rotarydownunder.com.au