Okay so about Rotary. I have always heard of it but never been involved not until I got my Scholarship last year. The scholarship is amazing and carries a huge honour but what really got me to hold this beautiful image of Rotary is mainly people involved.
Three people (Sandy Mach, her Husband Josh Mach and Lyn Kenney (my sponsor in the US)) got me in and I will probably never leave. Amazing human beings that are dedicated and committed to doing good in everything they do. 
Here in New Zealand too, I met Claire (beyond amazing) she is so caring and committed helping youth everywhere on campus and through Rotary. 

I could have been an asylum seeker now or a refugee for that matter, and because of people like Lyn, Sandy and Josh and of course everyone here I am now a Rotarian. 

Here is a link for a blog I posted after my first interaction with Rotarians and what I thought about it.