Rotary in New Zealand is aware of the offensive portrayal of the former prime minister of New Zealand by one of our clubs.
While club representatives have already issued a public apology, we reiterate that the behaviours exhibited at the event were unacceptable and do not align with Rotary’s commitment to being a welcoming place where every person who engages with us is valued and shown respect. Rotary’s code of conduct clearly states that members and Rotary participants shall maintain an environment that promotes safety, courtesy, dignity, and respect to all.
As a global membership service organization committed to creating positive change, we must acknowledge and hold ourselves accountable when our actions are wrong and be fully open to learning from such mistakes.
STATEMENT FOR NEWSHUB TV  2023-05-06 12:00:00Z 0
Probus Day Celebration 5th October 2022 2022-12-13 11:00:00Z 0
Family of Rotary - Probus 2022-12-13 11:00:00Z 0
End Polio Now 2022-10-11 11:00:00Z 0

Change that should inspire us all

Posted on Aug 05, 2022
Be informed, be heard! Above all, do not be a by-stander as through your club you can have your say.  About what?  Go to and have a browse through this visually stunning website with its plain language explanation about what is intended, that will affect your Rotary.  Clubs have already, or shortly will be, involved in a presentation and a Q&A about these proposed changes, but you can contact the Regionalisation team at any time and / or your District leadership who can answer your questions.
In September 2022, the clubs and districts in Zone 8, which includes Australia, New Zealand, and several Pacific and other Island nations will be asked to vote whether they approve participation in a pilot to develop, test and evaluate a new regional approach to supporting and governing Rotary and Rotaract clubs.
Change that should inspire us all 2022-08-04 12:00:00Z 0

New Zealand Pacific Day of ACTION

Posted on Aug 05, 2022
This day for your diary = Saturday 24 September 2022!   A day that will live in your memory for ever (well, for a while if we do it right).  This is the day that all Districts agreed to at SPPETS in March to be THE DAY where throughout New Zealand and the Pacific all Rotary clubs would get out into their communities with a project and become NOTICED!
Key points:

Hands on community projects
Choose your project carefully find one that appeals to the public
Collaborate with other Rotary, Rotaract and Interact Clubs and organisations in your area
Invite the public and show them what Rotary does
Make it a social experience & have fun!
Promote the event before, during and afterwards
This is a membership opportunity for your club
Collect names of attendees and follow them up
So, make sure your club is planning for something on this day - make it a very special one for your club.  Hopefully your District is also doing its part in helping promote the day to the public and supporting your club in some way to boot.  Have fun.  It will be fun!
New Zealand Pacific Day of ACTION 2022-08-04 12:00:00Z 0

Build on your success and GROW

Posted on Aug 04, 2022
If you’re committed to growing Rotary and you’ve got the passion to engage others, you’ll want to be part of a New Style Clubs (face-to-face) workshop in August.  Additional will be a special Zoom session with Pacific Island clubs.  Past Governor Andy Rajapakse will be in New Zealand from District 9640 in Australia’s Gold Coast to share his 5-step approach to growing Rotary.

Assistant Governors, Presidents and Club Membership Leads will be directly invited and members with the interest as described are welcome to attend, but if you have yet to see an invitation, please contact your Assistant Governor or District Membership Chair promptly.

Andy was Governor in 2020-21 and through a mix of new style clubs such as cause-based or passport-style, identifying gaps in the market and re-framing the outlook of current clubs his district’s membership increased by 14%. Andy will be accompanied by Barbara Mifsud, our Regional Membership Officer, who has the resources and tools on hand to help you build your club or create a new-style club.
Build on your success and GROW 2022-08-03 12:00:00Z 0

IMAGINE - the start of something powerful

Posted on Aug 04, 2022
The Rotary theme invites Rotarians to imagine the possibilities of a better world through Rotary service, and then to go and make it happen.  This is represented by the theme logo and the deep significance of this is explained here:
The 2022-23 presidential theme logo was designed by renowned Australia-based Indigenous artist Riki Salam to represent RI President Jennifer Jones’ theme and initiatives.

The logo represents key elements of Rotary while honouring the Indigenous culture:

The circle in aboriginal culture signifies connections to one another.
The dots around the circle represent people, one for each of our seven areas of focus.
The circle and the dots together become a navigation star, which signifies Rotary’s guiding light.
The solid line underneath signifies a digging stick used for hard work – a tool that Rotary’s people of action use to get things done
Colours: purple (polio eradication), green (environment), white (peace – Rotary’s core area of focus
IMAGINE - the start of something powerful 2022-08-03 12:00:00Z 0
How to be a Mobile Ambassador for Rotary 2022-04-27 12:00:00Z 0

Tonga Tsunami Appeal

As a direct result of this Tsunami following the volcano of Hunga‐Tonga‐Hunga‐Ha’apai under‐sea eruption on 15th January 2022, many primary schools were completely annihilated.

Tonga is part of Rotary International District 9920 and we are running a fundraising campaign to equip the students of Tonga with the tools to continue their education.
At the request of the Tongan Prime Minister Hu’akavameiliku SiaosiSovaleni the funds raised will be going towards the supply of educational aids for the primary schools in the form of Chrome Books. 

To support this project, please forward donaƟons to: 
Rotary District 9920 bank: 12 3011 0757766 00
Please reference Tonga, your name and club. 

Thank you for your support. 
Steve Chaney
District Governor 9920

Tonga Tsunami Appeal 2022-03-23 11:00:00Z 0

Masks are back in stock!

Thank you for your patience.
We are predominantly manufacturing Waire™ P2 and Brezy Black masks.
All other masks including small sizes are unfortunately unavailable at this stage.
A limit of 4 items per product will apply to masks.
Our shop will be restocked daily on weekdays.
We have a number of Rotary labeled (52 boxes of 10) masks available now and of course we can produce Rotary labeled masks in boxes of 10 ($20 each box) should clubs want to order for supporting communities.  Of course once clubs have engaged in this charity opportunity you can  purchase masks for club members.
                                  Covid is not going away just yet.
Masks are back in stock! 2022-03-20 11:00:00Z 0

Fun for the children outdoors

Bay of Islands Rotary recently held their incredibly popular Sandcastle Competition in Paihia.  In these times it got the children and their families outdoors and safely enjoying the companies of others plus engages members.  Also an activity that does not require funds that all charities are finding hard to get at present.
Fun for the children outdoors 2022-02-21 11:00:00Z 0
New event for improving club publicity 2022-02-21 11:00:00Z 0

N95 masks initiative continues to thrive

Recently 10,000 masks Lanaco N95 masks were delivered to the NZ Food Network (NZ FN)which organises the Food Hubs and Kiwi Harvest.
NZ Food Network had approached Lanaco to purchase some masks as Ministry of Social Development had asked them to deliver food parcels to those in isolation at home.  It is understandably very important to them that their volunteers are protected as best as possible as they do this work. 
MSD then agreed to provide the funding via Rotary to the NZ Food Network for the additional 30,000 masks. 
The NZ Food Network is reaching out to the Food Relief groups around the country to ask them for orders of masks that will also go through the same process.  They will be ordering at a rate of a minimum of 1000 masks at a time.
The Rotary Oceania website has been updated and has the full information on how to order masks for communities and schools.  Note that schools are now required to have staff and students from age 12 up to wear quality masks.
N95 masks initiative continues to thrive 2022-02-05 11:00:00Z 0

Articles that Appeal Seminar

Rotary Zone 8 Public Image Team: Articles that Appeal
Presenter: Darryl Iseppi
Date: Sunday 27th February 2022
Time: 4pm (NZT) or 2pm AEDST or 1pm AEST
Click here to register
Articles that Appeal Seminar 2022-01-31 11:00:00Z 0
SPPEDS 2022 - Registrations now live ! 2021-12-19 11:00:00Z 0

Looking for an easy fundraiser?

Alcohol Wipes Fundraiser has the Potential to Raise Significant Funds for the Children’s Hospital
Whanganui Rotary Clubs have in storage in Whanganui 1632 cartons of alcohol wipes. There are 24 packets in a carton equating to about 36,000 packets in stock.
The product is called "Sweet Carefor", Alcohol Wipes, antibacterial,75% alcohol content. Expiry date, 10 April 2022.
The product was purchased by a Whanganui company, Amtech Medical, at the height of Covid 19. This company decided to change their product line and they were keen to dispose of the remaining stock as they wanted to vacate the storage space on which they were paying rent. Amtech Medical offered the stock to Rotary as a potential fundraiser for the Wellington regional Children’s Hospital, who were obviously delighted to take this on as it has the potential to raise between $20,000 and $40,000.
The product is described as being suitable for cleansing and hygiene for hospital medical staff and nursing staff, public areas, households, personal care and surfaces hygiene, and disinfection during flu seasons.The product is not flushable.Whanganui Rotary is marketing this product across our district, D9940, and hope to get into D9970 (Nelson/Marlborough) and D 9930 (Hawkes Bay) which are in the catchment of the Wellington Children's Hospital.
The recommended sale prices are: $2 per packet, 3 packets for $5, $25 per carton of 24 packets. The product was originally retailing at $5.50 a packet.Rotary is also offering this opportunity as a fundraiser for Rotary Clubs or schools i.e. by paying $25 per carton and on-selling at $2 per packet produces a $23 profit for each carton sold.
Contact Bob Smith:
Looking for an easy fundraiser? 2021-12-15 11:00:00Z 0

Global Rotaract Environmental Event to Join in ON

Joined by Endplasticsoupnow Amsterdam, Rotaract Mediterranean, ERIC - Rotaract Europe and rotaractoceania are once again starting the debate about environmental sustainability.  In the 2nd edition we will be exploring one of the most important topics in the part decade - Pollution! As 3 MDIOS, we are concerned about on going world issues and we want to take action before it's too late!
Join us on Saturday 27st November 2021: 10 am CET  / 9 am GMT  / 10 pm NZDT   Please fill out the form and register for the event ➡
Follow the event for more details about the program and amazing speakers. If you would like to know about us and keep up to date with our projects or events, please check and follow our FB and IG pages!
IG: @rotaractmediterranean @rotaracteurope @rotaractoceania 
FB: Rotaract Mediterranean, ERIC - Rotaract Europe, rotaractoceania
Global Rotaract Environmental Event to Join in ON 2021-11-15 11:00:00Z 0 MDIOSUNITE,environment,rotaract

Front-line Marae vaccinators receive masks in South Auckland

The masks from Lanaco are proving to be incredibly popular with Rotary and there have been several projects as a prelude to the start of the Rotary One Million Masks campaign – Rotary Fiji, Auckland foodbanks and now the below:
On Friday 29 October 1600 Lanaco 'Brezy' masks, funded jointly between the Chenery Memorial Trust and the Rotary Club of Papakura, were delivered to the Papakura and Manurewa Marae in South Auckland for the protection of their front-line staff. Both operate testing, food banks and vaccinations from their Marae including running outreach vaccination programs that are vaccinating thousands. The picture above shows the team at the Papakura Marae wearing these Rotary-branded masks. The Marae are working flat out to get people vaccinated before Christmas. Often having to build relationships with those who are hesitant in marginalised communities.
Front-line Marae vaccinators receive masks in South Auckland 2021-10-30 11:00:00Z 0 OneMillionMasks,district9920,fightingdisease

Lanaco Supporting Needy during Covid times

The following is from Lanaco and tells of their journey in developing masks for Covid protection and how their partnership with Rotary evolved.
Pictures (L-R): Olympians using Lanaco masks, Epidemiologist Michael Baker wearing a Lanaco mask (Sunday Star Times 17 October 2021), Fiji family with donated masks
Lanaco is a New Zealand company which has developed and manufactures world leading filter technology, based on wool.  Lanaco air filters are now seen everywhere protecting people from Covid, but were developed over recent years to combat poor air quality in most cities and industrial regions around the world.  The technology is so successful it has even been selected by NASA to protect astronauts on their next mission to the moon and beyond.
A few years ago Lanaco partnered with New Zealand company MEO, to produce fashionable face masks for urban users.  MEO masks have been the mask of choice of the PM in recent times, and many public figures, organisations and individuals have been seeking out the Lanaco filtered masks.
When Covid struck NZ shores in early 2020, Lanaco was sending its filter media to China to be made into disposable masks for individuals and industry.  China’s borders closed to exports and Lanaco had 100’s of thousands of masks trapped offshore.  But it was still making filters.  The company set about initiating the making of cloth masks in New Zealand – by individuals with sewing machines, clothing companies in lockdown and so many other – and Lanaco supplied them all with free designs, and filters to fit them.  The programme was a huge success, and established Helix Filter as a household name in NZ masking.
The aim of making complete masks was another story. Lanaco was approached by the Minstry of Health and the Beehive for help with masking a country which was soon going to be in short supply.  Investing over a million dollars of its own capital Lanaco set about building NZ’s first certified medical grade respirator manufacturing plant to supply the country with jobs, supply chain independence, excellence in filtration, support for primary industry, and a feather in the cap for Kiwi innovation.
The rest as they say is history. After developing (in close cooperation with District Health Boards) new respirator masks to suit the needs of the NZ population, especially Maori and Pacifica, the Ministry of Health terminated its contract with Lanaco, and without disclosure to Lanaco had purchased millions of masks from Asian plants.  Lanaco was left high and dry.
It was then we told our story to some key Rotarians in Auckland.  We had the best technology in world. We had capacity and hung on to some core skills. And we had just landed all the filter stock which the Asian suppliers had turned into masks months before.  We had too much stock and were quickly dying.  The Rotarians saw our plight and the plight of many needy in the Pacific at the time.  Together, Lanaco and Rotary donated an initial $300,000 worth of high protection N95 level masks to needy in delta ravaged Fiji.  The collaboration then realised more could be done with Delta now firmly in NZ. Rotary Clubs organised donation of another $120,000 of masks from Lanaco to the Salvation Army, The Auckland City Mission, and Citizens Advice Bureau, as the economic and health ravages of Delta took their grip on an ill-prepared Aotearoa.
And it does not end there. Rotary by way of thanks to Lanaco for their incredible generosity, has embarked on the “1 Million Masks initiative”, where Lanaco produces high quality high performance masks and Rotary sells donation packs which are passed to needy groups through the greater regional Rotary network.
Pictures (L-R): Lanaco Founder Nick Davenoport with St Johns Rotary Gary Key with donation to Glen Innes CAB, Nick with President Downtown Auckland Rotary at Auckland City Mission donation, 1 Million Masks packaging (boxes of 10).
Lanaco Supporting Needy during Covid times 2021-10-23 11:00:00Z 0 Community,OneMillionMasks,collaboration,fightingdisease

Zone 8 2021 - 2022 Membership Awards

Off the back of the recent Olympics, we are pleased to announce a brand-new competition: Zone 8 membership awards.
The awards will recognise top club and district performers across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, in the areas of member growth and engagement as well as new club development. They will also recognise and celebrate innovation and best practice – elevating Rotaract, attracting younger members, transforming clubs and promoting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.
The annual awards for 2021-2022 will be presented at the Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands Conference in October 2022.
Rotary clubs, Rotaract clubs and districts are encouraged to apply depending on the award category. You can either self-nominate or nominate another club or district.
Awards are divided into two types: District and club awards and Best Practice awards.  
For District and club awards, all districts and clubs in Zone 8 will be automatically considered. No application is necessary.
For Best Practice awards, you need to fill in an online application form
For additional information, contact Barbara Mifsud.
Zone 8 2021 - 2022 Membership Awards 2021-10-22 11:00:00Z 0

Planting for a sustainable Aotearoa New Zealand

In the second planting just in October, 1500 trees were planted on 14 October by a group of 70 Rotarians, Conservation volunteers and community groups at the Rotary Forest, Remembrance and Peace Park. This was the last planting day for the season so only 35,000 trees to go starting up again in May 2022. The Rotary Remembrance Peace and Forest Park in Dallington is the regeneration of vacant land badly damaged in the Christchurch earthquakes. It is exciting to see locals, businesspeople, families and children joining in to make this a beautiful place for the future.
This planting site is one of several that form part of the activity of the Rotary Trees Trust: that aims to help create a fully sustainable Aotearoa New Zealand, and to tackle climate change by planting native ecosystems in perpetuity in every community in the nation.  Pictures thanks to PDG Liz and DG9930 Nick Courtney.
Planting for a sustainable Aotearoa New Zealand 2021-10-16 11:00:00Z 0 district9970,environment

You can Good Sell for Polio Now

Rotary has partnered with The Good Sell to raise $15k for our international project, ‘End Polio Now’. This has been one of our longest standing fights and for more than 3 years, wild polio cases have only been seen in two countries, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. For Rotary international and our partners to continue this hard work to eradicate polio worldwide we need your help and it is easy and very useful for you as described below:
You can Good Sell for Polio Now 2021-10-05 11:00:00Z 0

Cure Kids 50th Anniversary

  Bob Elliott with a Cure Kids Ambassador
For more than a year, an extraordinary public spotlight has been cast upon the incredible work of health scientists, epidemiologists and vaccinologists in the face of a global pandemic. Cure Kids shares the same relentless drive for prevention, treatment and cures –not just for one condition, but for all of the serious health conditions affecting our tamariki.
Cure Kids 50th Anniversary 2021-08-27 12:00:00Z 0
Fiji Masks supplied from New Zealand 2021-08-21 12:00:00Z 0 Community,OneMillionMasks,fightingdisease

Again, Tauranga Rotary's Careers EXPO was an outstanding success

Tauranga Rotary held another successful Careers Expo in conjunction with Priority One recently. Senior students from all the local colleges attended on the Friday, exploring career options at the numerous display booths. The Armed Forces were there, as were the Universities and engineering, catering, construction and other industries and companies. Many students returned on the Saturday with their families to further investigate career options, as well as members of the public looking for new horizons. Another very successful expo.
Again, Tauranga Rotary's Careers EXPO was an outstanding success 2021-08-16 12:00:00Z 0 district9930,rotarytauranga,supportingeducation

Rotary Cambridge Garden Festival worth travelling to

When we travel, we soak up the sights and savour the experiences that relax and inspire us.  With overseas travel not an option at present we are finding that some of the experiences we seek out when we are abroad are actually available to us locally at much greater convenience.  Here is one such special event where you can visit beautiful and interesting gardens around Cambridge.
This includes a special 'behind the scenes tour' of Amber Garden Centre, where people can see how professional plant growers make sure that their plants survive! A project of the Cambridge Rotary, he ticket proceeds go to charity in the Cambridge area, including the Lifeskills charity that provides free counselling services for Cambridge school children.
Tickets can be purchased from, early bird until 30th September 2021 at $30, after that $40 for a normal ticket and senior $30.  (this site has great information about the garden festival).
Rotary Cambridge Garden Festival worth travelling to 2021-08-16 12:00:00Z 0

Primary School Leadership Awards

Porirua’s inspiring young students are recognised annually for their outstanding leadership and service in their schools and community through the Primary School Leadership Awards run by the combined Rotary Clubs of Porirua and Porirua City Council.  The Primary School Leadership Awards took place on Monday 9 August 2021 at Elim Church Hall in Porirua, which was filled to capacity. This was the seventh year that the event has taken place and the 61 Primary School students were all recipients of a Certificate from Mayor Anita Baker and a Rotary International badge from Mark Wheeler, the District 9940 Governor.
DG Mark suggests that it is a concept that other Rotary clubs may also have a look at - his comments are below with leads to more information.
Primary School Leadership Awards 2021-08-12 12:00:00Z 0 awards,collaboration,district9940,rotaryclubprojects,supportingeducation,youthprogrammes

Westport Flooding Relief

The recent flooding on the West Coast has had a devastating impact on the lives of many.  Rotary has been quick to respond, but such responses need to be done in an appropriate manner to be effective and the current situation is detailed in a PDF document HERE that all wanting to support the Rotary effort are referred to this. 
The primary Rotary contact is PDG Gary Hopkinson +64 27 220 3301
Westport Flooding Relief 2021-07-20 12:00:00Z 0 disasterresponse,district9970
Westpac partners with Suva East Rotary to provide Covid Relief 2021-07-16 12:00:00Z 0 Community,Covid-19,Disaster Relief,Rotary Fiji
“Matariki Opening” of Greerton Gardens 2021-07-15 12:00:00Z 0 Community,district9930,rotarytauranga

Rotary Clubs in Fiji and New Zealand partner to provide face masks for Fijians

In Fiji, the daily numbers of Covid-19 are rising exponentially, and Rotary Fiji is extremely active on a daily basis helping those in dire need.  One incredible initiative has seen collaboration between Lanaco Company in NZ and Rotary in New Zealand and Fiji that is the donation and distribution of  N95 face masks to the underprivileged in Fiji.
Rotary Clubs in Fiji and New Zealand partner to provide face masks for Fijians  2021-07-09 12:00:00Z 0 Covid-19,Disaster Relief,Rotary Fiji,disasterresponse,district9940

Rotary a force providing relief to families in Fiji

Destructive.  Ruinous. Disastrous. How can the Covid effects to communities in Fiji be expressed adequately? 
Rotary Fiji (Rotary and Rotaract clubs of Fiji) have long experience with organising a robust Rotary response to crisis in Fiji, usually around weather events such as cyclones.  However, Rotary Fiji is working meticulously on a daily basis to provide assistance to those communities and families hardest hit. They are achieving great things, but really need as much support as our Rotary family can offer to help those hardest hit.
Rotary a force providing relief to families in Fiji 2021-06-22 12:00:00Z 0 Community,Covid-19,Disaster Relief,Rotary Fiji

Trees for Survival benefits the environment and the people

The act of sinking your hands in freshly tilled soil to plant new life creates a sense of incredible achievement.  Trees for Survival is a Rotary founded programme inspiring young environmentalists - Kia tupu ai enei kakano hei rakau nui - that St Johns Rotary has supported since 2009 as part of the Environment and Science Committee.  This is a programme widely supported by Rotary clubs across many schools.
Trees for Survival benefits the environment and the people 2021-06-03 12:00:00Z 0 Rotarystjohns,environment,treesforsurvival

Devastated Fijian families are recovering thanks to Labasa Rotary

The noise was incredible.  Just so loud and so frightening. We were sheltering under a table wondering if the roof would come off … and it did.  “The kids were terrified.  We could only tell them to hold on to whatever they could”.
Tropical Cyclone Yasa in December 2020 was the most severe cyclone in the Pacific in decades devastating large parts of Fiji and was promptly followed the very next month by a second severe Cyclone Ana. Cyclone Yasa was particularly devastating to Fiji’s northern islands including Vanua Levu with wide-spread destruction of buildings and the crops on which so many livelihoods depended.
It was into this situation that the Rotary Club of Labasa mobilised, initially to support their own member families, but quickly into distributing Emergency Response Kits.  After the initial response, a visit to cyclone hit areas by Labasa Rotary members they realised that there was a need to provide people with roofs as soon as possible especially in cases where there were many family members and taking into consideration children and people with disabilities.
The ‘Gift a Roof’ project was born.
Devastated Fijian families are recovering thanks to Labasa Rotary 2021-05-30 12:00:00Z 0 disasterresponse,district9920
Disaster Response Grant and the Shirley Village Project 2021-05-06 12:00:00Z 0 Covid-19,disasterresponse,district9970

Rotary is for all generations

Rotary is relevant across all generations.  Those approaching their working life can participate in the many respected youth programmes, and there are programmes for those early in their careers.  Rotary clubs are open to good people whether starting out in their careers or winding down to enjoy an active post-career life.  For those wanting to be more engaged with what Rotary does there are a multitude of clubs, all with their own special character so have a look around by visiting a few and meeting the men and women who are Rotary.  There are clubs that cater specifically for the younger Rotarian.
Rotary is for all generations 2021-04-15 12:00:00Z 0

Conferences motivate and inspire

Rotary of the 21st Century is about people.  People join Rotary to do good in their community but they stay because of the people they meet and spend time with.  Among the most motivating time spent in Rotary is at the larger gatherings such as District training events, conferences and Conventions.  When you get a large number of like-minded people together in-person, the buzz and the atmosphere is exhilarating.  There is nothing quite like it to gain inspiration, build a sustained motivation for Rotary engagement, make new friends, share ideas and build useful networks and so much more.
District Conferences bring the District members together with programmes that inspire and expose the new.  These are open to Rotarians and friends of Rotary and importantly you can go to the conferences of other Districts to broaden you horizons.  Here is a list of known District Conferences soon to be held.
Conferences motivate and inspire 2021-03-18 11:00:00Z 0

Encouraging immunization for community health

Rotary clubs around the world are mobilizing in their communities to support the introduction and delivery of COVID-19 vaccinations. Rotary leaders are urging members to connect with their local health agencies to determine how Rotary can support COVID-19 vaccine efforts.
Rotary has decades of experience in supporting the distribution of polio vaccines as well as highlighting their power and efficacy, which is a critical reason why polio is on the brink of eradication. It’s this expertise, along with strategic partnerships and innovation, that Rotary members can tap into to protect communities from COVID-19. Article here.
World Immunization Week is 24-30 April 2021. We need to be aware and country the scams around immunization that circulate as well as the myths spread by those opposing (any) immunization. The 2021 theme is ‘Vaccines bring us closer’ promoting the importance of vaccination in bringing people together, and improving the health and well-being of everyone, everywhere throughout life. More here.
Encouraging immunization for community health 2021-03-16 11:00:00Z 0

Interplast - 12 months of Covid-19

With the continued international travel restrictions resulting from COVID-19 Interplast volunteer medical teams have remained grounded in Australia and New Zealand over the past 12 months. However, this has not stopped Interplast or their network of dedicated volunteers from continuing to support their local partners and patients across the Asia Pacific region. Despite the challenges they’ve faced in the past year, the Interplast mission remains the same; to enhance people’s health and wellbeing by enabling access to life-changing reconstructive surgery and related medical services.  Read more at
Interplast - 12 months of Covid-19 2021-03-06 11:00:00Z 0

The Amazing Experience of a International Rotary Scholar in Auckland

An Ambassadorial Scholar studying in Auckland, Rosie has provided an update that gives a fascinating insight into her journey - her report is below:
My name is Rosie, and I am from Baldock in the UK. I am currently living in Auckland, doing a Master of Arts in Sociology at the University of Auckland, as part of a Rotary Global Grant Scholarship. My background has always been in the humanities - I did my undergraduate degree in History at the University of Cambridge, UK, before going to Canada to do a Master of Arts in History - both looking at historical Indigenous settler relations. 
The Amazing Experience of a International Rotary Scholar in Auckland 2021-03-01 11:00:00Z 0 district9920,scholarships

SPPEDS Update due to COVID lockdown

28 February 2021
Following the announcement by the Prime Minister last night of a 7-day Level 3 (Auckland) and Level2 (rest of NZ) lockdown, the SPPEDS committee has confirmed the event will go ahead as a virtual on-line zoom event on the same days Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th March.
A revised programme better suited to an on-line format is being arranged urgently.
Please keep watching the SPPEDS website here for updated news and information as it comes to hand.

SPPEDS Update due to COVID lockdown 2021-02-27 11:00:00Z 0

Pedaling for the Pacific was a ride to success

There was a fantastic turnout for the first Pedal for the Pacific fundraising charity bike ride hosted by Rotary District 9970 on Saturday 20 February.  Well over $6,500 was raised thanks to the strong support of most Christchurch Rotary clubs, their supporters and bike riders in general.
This was to support Rotary International’s Give Every Child A Future project, with partner UNICEF, to provide 100,000 children across the Pacific life-saving vaccines. Did you realise that over 6% of children in parts of the Pacific die before they celebrate their 5th birthday, from diseases preventable by vaccines? Help us to help our Pacific neighbours.
For more information on the Give Every Child A Future project click here.
Pedaling for the Pacific was a ride to success 2021-02-21 11:00:00Z 0 100yearcelebreations,district9970,fightingdisease

Rotary builds peace

Peace underscores much of the work that Rotary members do in improving their communities around the world. Rotary’s peacebuilding initiatives seek to create environments where lasting peace is possible. We do this by continually investing in sustainable and measurable peace programs throughout our communities and across the globe; by creating an extensive network of peacebuilders and community leaders dedicated to peace and conflict prevention; and by providing Rotarians with several avenues in which they can actively participate in peacebuilding processes within their communities.
Rotary builds peace 2021-02-08 11:00:00Z 0
Golf Anyone? Anywhere! 2021-01-29 11:00:00Z 0

Open to all, doing good for many

In 2021, Rotary International in Australasia turns 100 years old. To mark this milestone, we are hosting Pedal for the Pacific, a sponsored, charity bike ride to raise funds for the @Rotary Give Every Child a Future project. This project celebrates the Australasian Rotary centennial and partners Rotary with UNICEF to provide 100,000 children across the Pacific life-saving vaccines.

This is a fundraiser, so as well as the registration fee ($25 per individual, $100 per team), we ask that you seek as much sponsorship as you can. It costs $45 to vaccinate a child in the Pacific Islands – let’s see how many we can help!

Visit our website for more information
Open to all, doing good for many 2021-01-14 11:00:00Z 0

Cyclone Yasa Appeals

Cyclone Yasa in Fiji was one of the most severe in many years. There are two Appeals you can support:
  1. District 9920 - this Appeal will direct funds to supporting those most in need as managed by the Rotary Clubs of Fiji:
  2. Rotary New Zealand World Community Service - Funds will be used for [replenishing] Emergency Response Kits and other relief supplies that will be directed to where they’re needed most:
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Holiday Greetings

Thank you to all who have supported Rotary in Aotearoa New Zealand  and the Pacific Islands over 2020.  Despite the challenges much has been achieved in our communities and we all look forward to the opportunities of 2021.  Rotary wishes you a relaxing summer break and an enjoyable start to 2021.  Rotary clubs will be taking a break until about mid-January when we invite you to contact your local Rotary club and have a look at how Rotary can add value to your life and lifestyle in 2021.
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A classic wooden dinghy is being constructed at the NZ Traditional Boatbuilding School with the assistance of Rotary Browns Bay members. This project will involve in excess of 150 hours labour from RBB members as well as NZTBS trustees. Once completed the boat will be sold by auction and all funds received will be donated to RBB charity(s).
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Covid-19 response in the Pacific still very active

While Covid-19 activity has less emphasis in NZ for the moment, the need in the Pacific remains high and local Rotary clubs continue to respond.  Recently the Rotary Club of Apia delivered 10,000 much needed PPE equipment in the form of face shields to front line essential workers.  This included 5,000 face shields to the National Emergency Operations Center and 5,000 face shields to the Covid Isolation Ward, Mo'oto'otua Hospital.
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In the news

When did you last ding your car? Or, have a close call? Would you wish it on anyone?
Normally in May, this week is Road Safety Week so be especially conscious about safety out on the road. Most clubs  support the Rotary Youth Driver Awareness programme in local schools, an evidence-based road safety education that supports the development of a road safety culture across the generations.More at
Armistice Day marks the anniversary of the agreement that ended the First World War (1914 – 1918) and commemorates the sacrifice of those who died serving [New Zealand] in this and all wars and armed conflicts. The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month marks the moment when hostilities ceased on the Western Front in 1918, with the signing of the Armistice.
As a humanitarian organization, peace is a cornerstone of our mission. We believe when people work to create peace in their communities, that change can have a global effect.
By carrying out service projects and supporting peace fellowships and scholarships, our members take action to address the underlying causes of conflict, including poverty, discrimination, ethnic tension, lack of access to education, and unequal distribution of resources.
Rotary International also contributes proactively to Peace through its Peace Centers and programmes.
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Kids2Camp thanks to Rotary auction

A Nelson group of young people living with cancer will be the first to benefit from an online auction which has raised just over $50,000 to help children attend camps at Rotoiti Lodge Outdoor Education Centre at St Arnaud organised by Whakatu Rotary in Nelson and supported by Blenheim South Rotary.
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Waitakere Hospital Pond Project

Rotary Henderson with help from their satellite club, Rotalite West Auckland and Rotary New Lynn, have been busy with a major project redeveloping a large pond area behind the Waitakere Hospital in Henderson. In Rotary Henderson’s 60th year the club was determined, despite COVID-19 to deliver a large sized project which would allow all our members to participate in some hands-on work – whether it be chain sawing, hauling branches, mulching, planting or organising morning teas and lunches for the hungry volunteers.
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Taradale Rotary Donate an Imaging Camera

The Taradale Volunteer Fire Station has benefited from the generous donation from the Rotary Club of Taradale and the Rotary Foundation. The Taradale Fire Station is now the proud recipient of a Thermal Imaging Camera.
On Thursday the Club President Claire Connor officially presented this important piece of kit to Paul Hughes, Senior Station Officer, and learned how much of a difference it was making to their team.The Thermal Imaging Camera can see through darkness/smoke and identify people and the source of the heat.   The value of the camera is in the vicinity of $8000, the cost being shared between the Rotary Foundation and the Rotary Club of Taradale.
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Rotary and the Forests of Peace and Remembrance

The first plantings of the 'Rotary 100 Forests of Peace and Remembrance' project are being done.  This is a New Zealand-wide project to celebrate the centenary of Rotary commencing in NZ and Australia.
After Plimmerton Rotary club gained tentative approval from the Rotary 100 organisers, MPI and PCC for a planting area for Taupo Swamp the Plimmerton and Porirua Rotary Clubs are now planting the first 1000 trees/plants over three Saturdays in October.
These are the first of 10,000 wetland trees/plants to be planted around part of Plimmerton Domain that PCC will retire from sports field usage. PCC has recently completed building a dog exercising area on this sports field. The full article outlining the initial project development is here.
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You too can enjoy your own piece of art while supporting the eradication of polio

We are on a countdown to history and with your help we can end polio for good.
This is a very special and unique art auction that you can support whether as a Rotary club and / or as an individual.
Artists create expressing ideas, feelings, state of mind, and polio eradication is about caring people giving the gift of a polio-free world to the children of the world.
To support Rotary's goal to eradicate Polio worldwide and World Polio Day on 24 October a group of talented artists have donated art for auction.
This provides YOU with a very special opportunity to bid for one of these framed art pieces and become part of the global drive to eradicate polio. A selection of wonderful art to grace your home or office - anyone can bid and support polio eradication. ALL proceeds supporting the End Polio Now campaign
Auction Dates are 17-24 October.
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September is Basic Education and Literacy Month in the Rotary International calendar so this story from Dargaville Rotary is an excellent example of what Rotary clubs do achieve for their communities.
In contrast to many of our Govid-ravaged events, this year’s NW Schools Junior Speech Contest was a glowing success, attracting nine young orators from six schools and a total audience of about 80 to Dargaville’s Lighthouse Function Centre.
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Give a Father’s Day gift to protect future Pacific fathers

Sunday 6 September 2020 is Father’s Day in many countries including New Zealand, Australia and Canada. Here is a way to thank the fathers in your life, whether that’s your own father, or the fathers of your children or grandchildren.
Many find buying for fathers problematic and the restrictions that coronavirus is placing on many of us may make visiting at this time difficult. Rotary Give Every Child A Future (RGECAF) is offering you the opportunity to purchase a gift of a different kind, a donation to a Rotary project that will save lives in the Pacific through immunisation.
Rotary, working with UNICEF, will deliver vaccines to infant boys in nine Pacific Island countries, to protect them against life-threatening diseases. Vaccines that, without this project, these children would not receive.
For each $45 you give, you can protect one child. Donations contribute to vaccine purchase, storage equipment and healthcare worker training, thereby strengthening healthcare systems across the Pacific.  Purchase via
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Lautoka Rotary grows their community response to Covid-19 effects

Like most Rotary clubs across the New Zealand and Pacific region (Rotary Oceania), Lautoka Rotary has remained consistently very active in supporting those suffering from the restrictions, health and economic effects of the Covid-19. The latest project of the Lautoka Rotary members is to construct a greenhouse and a washhouse for the Lautoka Lelana Primary School.
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Rotary volunteers embrace opportunity

You don’t necessarily need to be a Rotarian to be involved in service to the community through Rotary. We have many opportunities for you to partner with, sponsor or volunteer to support Rotary’s programmes and projects.
Volunteering with Rotary could be the most important thing you ever do. Volunteering through Rotary is more than just giving back to the community. It is also about you bringing your skills, experience and enthusiasm for great community outcomes, whilst making some great friends along the way. Rotary clubs are friendly places where members, whether young professionals through to those who have retired, share a common interest in friendship while helping create a better community. 
If you visit any of our clubs around New Zealand and the Pacific, you will immediately feel the sense of camaraderie and fun that is reflected in our many projects.  Call us today.
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Celebrating who we are and what we achieve

The Centenary of Rotary International was held in the 2004-2005 Rotary year.  Rotary was founded on 23 February 1905.
The Centennial Governors were charges with Celebrating Rotary and this was done by encouraging and supporting all clubs to create a lasting Centennial project in their community, something over 80% of clubs did.  In addition, there were District special celebration events cumulating in the massive Rotary Convention in Chicago.  A Centennial book was produced: A Century of Service – the story of Rotary International
The Rotary Foundation celebrated its centennial in the 2016-2017 Rotary year.  The Rotary Foundation was formed in 2017 with the first donation then and the Foundation was (re)named The Rotary Foundation in 1928. Throughout the year the global and local contribution of The Rotary Foundation was celebrated in District and international events.  A Centennial book was produced: The Rotary Foundation - Doing Good in the World
The 100 years of Rotary in Australia, New Zealand and Oceania is being held in the 2020-2021 Rotary year.  The Rotary Club of Melbourne was founded on 1 May 1921, the Rotary Club of Auckland on 13 June 192, and the first Pacific club was the Rotary Club of Suva in 26 March 1936.
The District Governors for this Centennial of Rotary in Australia, New Zealand and Oceania are supporting two projects that celebrate this milestone being the regional ‘Rotary Give Every Child a Future’ Pacific immunisation project and in New Zealand the ‘Mana Tangata’ History project.  In addition, there will be special celebratory events through the year.
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REVITALISED would describe most Rotary clubs as they gather for the first time under Level 1.  For most they are experiencing a resurgence of members engaging with their clubs and the first in-person meeting under Level 1 could be described as “sell out” events.
Here are some examples of those first meetings:
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It is time to be kind to yourself and your community.  Rotary can help with that. 
Hit the button to restart opportunities in life:
. 2020-05-21 12:00:00Z 0

RGECAF Mothers Day eCard

Mother's Day 2020: send an e-card to the mothers in your life and give a gift in their names to safeguard future Pacific mothers
Sunday 10 May 2020 is Mother’s Day in many countries including New Zealand, Australia and Canada. With the COVID-19 lockdowns making it difficult to be with the special mothers in your life this year, whether that’s your own mother, or the mothers of your children or grandchildren, Rotary Give Every Child A Future is delighted to give you the opportunity to send an e-card to let them know you’re thinking of them. 
To download your card and learn more about this Rotary Australasia project please go to
While there, you are invited to gift a donation on behalf of the mothers in your life to help protect young Pacific women against cervical cancer.
Donations will go towards vaccines, training, equipment and vaccine storage. On behalf of the future mothers, leaders and carers of the Pacific.
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Zoom discount for Rotary clubs and Rotarians

Rotary Zoom Offer

Through Rotary Global Rewards clubs and Rotarians can get a 20% discount on a paid Zoom account. Go to

The free version of Zoom has a 40 minute meeting limit and other restriction although good for first-time users to try out.  If your club is looking longer=tern to use Zoom for on-line club, Board or Committee meetings then a paid account is an option to consider.

Zoom discount for Rotary clubs and Rotarians 2020-04-23 12:00:00Z 0 2020,Technology

Disaster Response in the Pacific - Cyclone Harold

Photo: Family in Tonga receiving an Emergency Response Kit from a Rotary volunteer
“Utter and complete devastation” describes the damage that Category 5 Tropical Cyclone Harold wrought on the Pacific nations of Fiji, Tonga and Vanuatu, with other islands affected to a lesser extent.  Rotarians in those nations quickly activated pre-prepared disaster response plans, so they were on-scene almost immediately.  The first support families  (who had in many cases lost their homes, contents and crops) received was either pre-positioned Rotary Emergency Response Kits or Aquaboxes.
While 600 Emergency Response Kits have been distributed to families in distress (as at 16 April) those affected will need further support because of the extensive damage.  Rotary’s response to Pacific disasters is well organised through the local Rotary clubs and it is also supported by and coordinates with the governments of the affected nations. 
Please support the work of these Rotary clubs in their response to Pacific disasters through the following account:
RNZWCS - Rotary New Zealand World Community Service
Internet Banking - Westpac New Zealand, Wellington, New Zealand. 
Account number - 03 1702 0192208 01
Swift Code - (for international transfers) WPACAU2S
  • For general Cyclone Harold assistance Quote: Activity 888
  • For Emergency Response Kits Quote: Activity 308
Updates on the Rotary response to Cyclone Harold are posted on and
The main website for Rotary in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands is
The website for Rotary World Community Service is
Disaster Response in the Pacific - Cyclone Harold 2020-04-20 12:00:00Z 0 2020,disasterresponse

Rotary Responds Telethon

COVID-19 #RotaryResponds Telethon
April 16th  2020,
Rotary International is pleased to share with you that we are championing a COVID-19 #RotaryResponds one-hour Telethon to raise critical funds for disaster relief. This telethon will be simulcast on all Rotary International social channels and is anticipated to reach more than 100-thousand viewer with a goal of raising more than $1-million dollars.
Rotary’s 1.2-milion members across the globe have taken swift action. More than $3-million dollars from Rotary’s Disaster Relief Fund has already been put into action on the frontlines to battle COVID-19. Additionally, millions more have been raised by our People of Action - they have responded quickly and are truly saving lives. Now, we need to do more and the need for additional funding is a priority.
Changed Date: The Telethon date is Sunday, May 3 2020, 3:00am NZST (Saturday, May 2, 2020, 10:00am US Central Daylight Time - Chicago, Illinois). The telethon falls during International Immunization Week, and will also showcase how our Polio infrastructure is helping to combat COVID-19 in real time.
We will hear stories of hope from Rotarians across the globe as they share with us what they are doing to help their communities. We will hear stories of inspiration from Rotaract, Interact and friends of Rotary.
Our request: We are asking for your participation in either the form of a short ten to fifteen second video or a tweet on the day of the event at #RotaryResponds and @Rotary. These videos will provide hope, gratitude and inspire our members. This does not need to be professionally packaged, we expect that you can simply record this on your iPad or phone. You will then send it via the instructions below.
If you would prefer to tweet then we would ask that you tweet during the broadcast time. We would appreciate learning of your message in advance so that we are ready to share this during the broadcast.
How to record your video message:
  • Your tone should be caring and hopeful, our goal is to comfort and to inspire.
  • Please use the language of your choice, Rotarians are in 200 nations around the world, and the telethon will simulcast in 8 languages.
  • Use your iPad or phone to record your message.
  • Please record in landscape (hold the device horizontally not vertically).
  • Due to the very tight timeline, we are asking for files by Tuesday, April 21st.
Please select one of these options:
Option 1: I want to add my voice to say thank you Rotarians. What you are doing is saving lives. 
Option 2: Your leadership is helping to ensure that lives are saved. Thank you.
Option 3: Rotarians, thank you for connecting the world and for taking care of your neighbours. 
Option 4: Thank you Rotarians for helping to stop COVID-19. You are truly people of action. 
Option 5: Your own message
How to submit your video:
  • Upload your video via using as the recipient.
  • Please do not email the file, as email reduces the quality.
  • Questions may be directed to Rotary International Trustee Jennifer Jones at
Thank you for your participation and your leadership.
Warmest regards,

Jennifer Jones
Rotary International Vice President 2016-2017
Trustee, The Rotary Foundation 2019-2013
Rotary Responds Telethon 2020-04-16 12:00:00Z 0 2020,Covid-19

Cyclone Harold Appeal

This page has details of two Rotary Appeals for Cyclone Harold:
  1. RNZWCS for all the Pacific
  2. District 9910 for Vanuatu

Rotary New Zealand World Community Service
Registered Charity CC26860
SUPPORT is needed.  Join with other Rotary Clubs and Rotarians worldwide together with the public of New Zealand and elsewhere to
Make a Difference
Cyclone Harold
emergency response kits (erks)
Demands for support for various activities is unprecedented both in Humanitarian (disaster response) and Development.
Corvid 19 will have catastrophic outcomes across the world in general but the poorest of the poor will continue to be impacted the hardest.
Cyclone Harold has caused havoc in Vanuatu, Fiji and Tonga and the NGO community including Rotary (in consultation with National Disaster Management Offices) in their respective countries are responding.
600 pus Emergency Response Kits (ERKs)
as at 15 April 2020
Understandably the Covid 19 lockdown will restrict the ability to raise funds in the community for most likely some months to come and we are extremely cognisant of such, in appealing for support yet again.
Those wishing to, may do so through the various options.
Receipts will be issued for Tax Deductible purposes. 
Four Donation Options   Quoting Activity No. 308 for ERKs
Internet Banking       03 1702 0192208 01
Paypal at          
Give a Little at             
Cheque to RNZWCS Limited (Rotary New Zealand), PO Box 20309, Christchurch 8543
Signatory to the Council for International Development Code of Conduct

Vanuatu-based Rotary Clubs need your financial support through our District 9910 Project account:
**ASB 12-3109-0122080-05**
**ASB Swift Code ASBBNZ2A (for any payments from overseas)**
Please reference "Cyclone Harold" / Name
Cyclone Harold Appeal 2020-04-15 12:00:00Z 0 2020,disasterresponse


 April 2, 2020

Interview with Carina Muckel (CM), 28, Medical Intern (last year of Medical School) from orth Rhine Westphalia in Germany who is stranded in Auckland with 12,000 other Germans during the shelter-in-place put forth by the NZ Government. Her situation was brought to the attention of Rotary District 9920 through Rotaract in Germany and this is her story.

Interviewer: Monika B. Levinson (MBL), former member of the Rotary Club of Auckland, District 9920, and now member of the Rotary Club of Schongau (Bavaria, Germany), District 1841.

Rotary, polio and COVID-19

The following outlines the relationship between Rotary's Polio campaign and the current Covid-19 crisis.  It shows how the polio infrastructure can help the Covid-19 response, provides a status update on polio immunization activities and mentions how Rotary and Rotarians can maintain their ongoing support for polio.
Rotary, polio and COVID-19 2020-04-14 12:00:00Z 0 2020,Covid-19,endingpolio

Cyclone Harold Devastates the Pacific


You can help … read on.
The Red Cross has labelled the damage caused in Vanuatu by Cyclone Harold (6 April) as more than catastrophic, causing hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of damage with concerns any much-needed help with the recovery will be delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  To give some indication of the effect of this cyclone, on the island of Pentecost it has been reported that 90 percent of dwellings had been destroyed, and a further 20 percent of the population are estimated to be injured.  It is not just property damage that is serious by damage to land, crops and livelihoods.
Cyclone Harold Devastates the Pacific  2020-04-13 12:00:00Z 0 2020,disasterresponse

Rotary creates network of volunteers to help in lockdown

When you’re a Rotary club with enthusiastic members, a ton of goodwill in the community and the skills and ability to help address the needs of the needy, then Covid-19 Alert Level 4 complicates things.  The biggest limitation is that it means that your members cannot do projects out in the community, not the least because any of the older age group especially need to stay strictly at home in their bubble.  That need to isolate completely creates its own problems such as it they cannot go out, just how are they going to get food to feed themselves or prescriptions to stay healthy? A dilemma.
So, what to do?  Here is a story that shows Rotary at its finest.  A Rotary that cares and uses its skills to overcome apparent barriers and make things work so that those needing a helping hand … get it!
Rotary creates network of volunteers to help in lockdown 2020-04-12 12:00:00Z 0 2020,Covid-19

Stranded 2200kms from home with a baby

"I was flying high on the inspiring buzz of 2020 SPPETS long after leaving New Zealand." - Ruth Cross, President Elect RC Tawaera, Kiribati.  Then the world changed and Ruth is now stranded 2200kms from home with her baby.
This is her story so far.
I was flying high on the inspiring buzz of 2020 SPPETS long after leaving New Zealand. Four days of Rotary leadership bootcamp with hundreds of undercover superheroes was so much fun! Rotarians should become club presidents at least once so they can experience the magic of SPPETS. I felt like I had been able to fully appreciate how being a part of Rotary had woven me into a special tapestry made from the kindest humans of humankind. The wave of satisfaction I was riding after nailing my presentation on Kiribati was still rolling its way to the shores and I felt so much excitement about the opportunities that had been discussed. But as Isaac Newton said, “What goes up, must come down” and that big upswing obeyed the tacit laws of physics and came backwards hard.
Stranded 2200kms from home with a baby 2020-04-02 11:00:00Z 0 2020,Covid-19

Time for some good news


It is time for good news and while we are seeing more good stories this issue of Rotary Down Under magazine will be a welcome relief.

The emphasis of the magazine around innovation is also very timely as many clubs are engaging in new ways of doing things to keep members engaged and to plan for future engagement with their community. Hopefully, this issue will encourage Rotary clubs to continue their quest for a future done better.

The magazine is online at - please share this with ALL your club members because while most may get their magazine by mail, very few if any are receiving mail at present and may not for some time to come.

Time for some good news 2020-03-31 11:00:00Z 0 2020,publicity

Thoughts on engaging members during lockdown

During a time of physical disconnection and isolation it is even more important to keep our social connections.  Rotarians join Rotary to do good in their community and give back, and stay because of the connections they make.  What might giving back look like in our changed world? 
How can we help Rotary stay strong, and even prosper, during a time when nothing is as it was, but people are seeking purpose and an opportunity to contribute.  Rotary has resources – people and financial resources.  We care and have a strong reputation.
Thoughts on engaging members during lockdown Ingrid Waugh 2020-03-27 11:00:00Z 0 2020,Covid-19

Club Bulletins and Editors are the new Rotary Stars

The humble club Bulletin, some would say much maligned, is about to come into its own as one of the most important Rotary club communication tools we have after picking up the phone and talking to members. 
Most clubs are no longer meeting as normal so the scramble is on for the clubs that value their members to find ways to stay in regular contact at a minimum, and to have ways to engage members somehow so that when this crisis ends, and it will, they still have their full membership on board.
But what do we have to put into it if nothing is happening?  Lots!  There continues to be Rotary news and as your members are your greatest club asset, they themselves have lost to contribute, you just have to ask for it.
Here are some ideas to employ in addition to your usual content:
  • Ask all members to be aware of this important webpage  and include any new content
  • The Rotary Oceania Facebook most Sunday’s for the duration will have a suggested “meeting speaker replacement” that members can take a few minutes to view or do.  These may be TED Talks but may evolve into other more interactive ideas
  • Keep an eye also on your District website or Facebook page and include content that may be interesting to members
  • “Coffee with a Rotarian” where you ask a member or two each week to provide a profile of some sort such as a personal update, a vocational perspective etc … the options are endless
  • “Highlight of your week” is where Rotarians share those special moments of their week together with a picture or video if possible
  • Another variation is to get members to share a short story or anecdote about anything special, or any interesting events that they have witnessed or participated in.
    •  i.e. A New Zealand domestic holiday, a special weekend away, someone's experience of self isolation,  how I fell off my bike, the birth of my first grand child, the success of a recent fishing excursion, a great movie I saw on Netflix, a good clean joke etc etc etc
    • It only needs to be a short story and if appropriate accompanied by a picture or two, in JPEG format
  • “Through the Rotary Lens” is where members send in a photo of something interesting to all and get creative describing what the picture is all about
  • Share some Rotary knowledge … remember that District training for incoming club roles has been cancelled but all could do with learning something new about Rotary - there is plenty of information on MyRotary and the Learning Center at
  • Include a humour section
  • Share coping strategies and ideas to help members and their families get through this crisis well
  • Encourage members to contact each other for a chat but most of all encourage members having it tough to reach out for help – as Rotarians we have for so long helped others so now is the time to specifically help each other
  • Include some for of general interactivity … something that members can respond to and everyone can (at least eventually) get to see the responses
The above are only the start of good ideas – you can also help everyone else by emailing your ideas (not the whole Bulletin!) to who will add them to the above list for everyone to benefit from.
Your bulletins need not be long but in this crisis environment they MUST be interesting to read! Take the ideas above and those of your own and mix it up a bit … make each week’s Bulletin a little bit difference, add something special Visual appearance quality is also important.
Your Bulletin Editor is about to become the most celebrated member of the club as what s/he will do in continuing the weekly bulletin will be huge in keeping the club together so support him/her to the fullest.
There is an excellent resource to help you write great bulletins at  In particular the following free Downloads (no login required):
  • Creating a club Bulletin
  • Writing an article
  • Taking a photo
Finally, remember to promote your club Bulletin on your club Facebook page and make sure your friends of the club and community contacts receive a copy … like members, they are vital to your club’s future and you have to give them the confidence you are going to be around for the future.
A suggestion is to join the Private Group (super-easy to do) of the International Fellowship of Rotarian Editors and Publishers at  This is an active group with 15 posts to its 18938 members on 22 March alone.  My request to join was accepted within 20 minutes.
Club Bulletins and Editors are the new Rotary Stars  2020-03-21 11:00:00Z 0 2020,Covid-19,publicity
Staying engaged - online topic discussion 2020-03-16 11:00:00Z 0 2020,Covid-19

Guide to maintaining engagement in Covid-19 crisis

Below are suggestions with ideas clubs may find useful for staying in touch with members and keeping them engaged in Rotary.  This is particularly important for some Rotarians who are missing their weekly Rotary meetings and are starting to feel isolated - who are they?  You will have to use good communication practices to find them.  There is nothing lost trying some of these suggestions ... if after a period they are working you can communicate this success to those not yet participating so they too may give the initiative a try and if they do not work you at least tried and can look at alternatives.  There is nothing more certain than clubs do need to do something.  Get several members involved with organising these engagement activities both to, engage them, and to share the workload so it can be sustained for the long-term.
A reminder that in the current environment it is up to each club to make its own decision on how to proceed with meetings, projects and events although erring on the side of caution is sensible. If meetings continue then members should take the advised social precautions now well communicated in the media.
1) From D.6690
A useful guide has been provided by District 6690 intended for their members but equally of use for us. 
It covers:
  • Interim virtual meetings
  • Engagement through social media
  • Engagement through service
  • Creative engagement strategies
  • Important links and resources (most are relevant)
Getting the guide:
2) From Zone 34
Another similar resource (but with additional ideas) is on the RI Blog written by Zone 34:
Guide to maintaining engagement in Covid-19 crisis 2020-03-16 11:00:00Z 0 2020,Covid-19

To meet or not to meet

The Alert Level 4 restrictions in New Zealand do not permit physical club meetings - the advice below relates to cu=ircumstances before Alert 4 tuiimes and may become relevant again as restrictions are eased and Alert Levels lowered.

In the current environment it is up to each club to make its own decision on how to proceed with meetings, projects and events although erring on the side of caution is sensible. If meetings continue then members should take the advised social precautions now well communicated in the media.

It would seem to be a good idea for clubs to have a discussion to gauge the mood of members regarding whether and when they may continue to meet and probably to discuss other creative ways to meet in smaller groups if felt appropriate, or the online meeting possibilities; and if for the time being suspension of future meetings and projects is decided then how to remain connected etc.

Please follow the advice of the New Zealand Ministry of Health (MOH) Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) guidance - Ministry of Health website and the World Health Organization when considering whether or not to proceed with meetings, projects and events. 
Covid-19 specific Healthline 0800 358 5453 / Tele-health line (anytime) is 1737

Where meetings continue it is a good idea to remind those attending of the New Zealand Ministry of Health (MOH) Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) guidance and also to speak to the venue as to their hygiene practices and whether any additional measures need to be put into place to ensure the health of all present.

Maintain clear communication with members and community contacts.

If anyone is considering visiting another club it is advisable to check with that club ahead of the meeting as to any changes to the normal meeting details as some clubs are meeting as usual for the moment, some are meeting with reduced numbers (sometimes in a different location/format) and some have suspended meetings for the moment.

  Rotarians are super friendly but for the moment just a warm "Hello" may be best.

To meet or not to meet 2020-03-16 11:00:00Z 0 2020,Covid-19

Time for a Community Needs Assessment!


The world has undergone a rapid change and along with that the needs of the community have also changed. It is said that disasters like earthquakes bring people together, yet pandemics tend to kill compassion. Let's make sure this is not the case.

For the moment at least there are some in the community facing unexpected adversity. Does Rotary know who these are? Can Rotary help? Rotary clubs can consider conducting a needs assessment so that any support they can offer is effectively targeted.

A good starting point is to look HERE

Time for a Community Needs Assessment! 2020-03-15 11:00:00Z 0 2020,Covid-19

Message from Rotary International President Mark Maloney concerning Covid-19

6 March 2020: Rotary International President Mark Maloney has sent out a message to Rotarians emphasising that "the health and safety of our members are our top priorities. We are closely monitoring the outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus disease) and continuously assessing its potential impact on our operations, meetings, trainings, and other events." 
Read the full letter under 'Read More' below. 
Graphic below is tips for clubs from Rotary Oceania Zone Communications Committee (ROZcom).
Message from Rotary International President Mark Maloney concerning Covid-19 2020-03-05 11:00:00Z 0 2020,Covid-19

Indian Rotarians travel NZ to Connect

30 Rotarians from 10 different clubs from District 3131 (India) travelling in 8 cars have hit the roads of New Zealand to see the country and to meet as many Rotarians as possible to Connect through Rotary. Their journey will cover Auckland, Dargaville, Paihia, Rotaorua, Taupo, Wellington, Christchurch, Wanaka and Queenstown over 2 weeks.
Indian Rotarians travel NZ to Connect 2020-02-20 11:00:00Z 0 2020,fellowships

Meetings - an essential ingredient or not

Rotary is primarily about service to our community whether local or global.  Included in that are some really great things like friendships made, an active social scene, skill development and so much more.  What it is not about specifically is MEETINGS.  People do not go to Rotary to go to meetings but for some clubs that seems all they do and for some others they have a perception that their meetings do not contribute much in the way of value for members.
Or so it seems, and this has resulted in an apparent aversion to holding “meetings”.  But are meetings getting a bad rap?  Let's have a look ...
Meetings - an essential ingredient or not Colin Robinson 2020-02-08 11:00:00Z 0

Rotary Opens Opportunities is the 2020-2021 Theme

Rotary isn’t just a club for people to join, but rather “an invitation to endless opportunities,” said Rotary International President-elect Holger Knaack.

The 2020-2021 Rotary Theme has been announced to the DGE's at International Assembly. Theme logos are available for Download from the Brand Center.  An explanation is HERE

Rotary Opens Opportunities is the 2020-2021 Theme 2020-01-20 11:00:00Z 0 2020,publicity

Havelock North Rotary assist with securing a $US 32,000 Global Grant

Just once in a while, you can meet someone who is absolutely passionate about a community need. 
During a recent Rotary Friendship Exchange to Brazil, the small team from District 9930 met a very special person with a very defined goal.  This was Rotarian Dr. Cassiano Alves Ferreira Neto, who is a dentist employed at a cancer hospital in the small city of Jaù.  Cassiano was concerned that the cancer patients who had lost an ear, a nose, an eye or a palate during cancer surgery were, due to their disfigurement, tending to withdraw themselves from society and this often led to severe depression. 
Cassiano started moulding prosthetic ears, noses, eyes, and palates from resins, with the hospital funding him to fit facial prosthetics for 40 patients each year.
Havelock North Rotary assist with securing a $US 32,000 Global Grant 2020-01-01 11:00:00Z 0 2020,district9930,grants,rotaryfoundation
Greek! It's major funds for hospice 2019-12-23 11:00:00Z 0 2019,district9910,publicity,rotaryclubprojects


Rotary Club of Wellington, New Zealand has achieved a ‘first’ – by becoming perhaps the first Rotary Club in New Zealand, and one of the first internationally to become a certified Carbon Zero organisation.  Picture shows Rotary Club of Wellington President Denise Church, and Climate Change Committee Chair Roger Blakeley, receiving a Carbon Zero organisation certificate from Steve Dixon of Toitū Envirocare.
This story is inspirational and an example to all Rotary clubs and includes a challenge to become involved by all clubs ... read on.
First in NZ: CARBON ZERO ROTARY CLUB OF WELLINGTON  2019-12-21 11:00:00Z 0 2019,district9940,environment,rotaryclubprojects

Samoa Measles Outbreak - you can help and your help is needed

The sign on the building of the health clinic in Samoa says, “help protect our young ones”
And they do need our help and you can help.  Rotary New Zealand World Community Service (RNZWSC) has issued an appeal for Rotary clubs, Rotarians and others to assist with aid to combat the Samoa measles emergency.  It is easy to do so and all donations are recognised.  Please act today. Read on ..
Samoa Measles Outbreak - you can help and your help is needed 2019-11-26 11:00:00Z 0 2019,disasterresponse,fightingdisease

The cumulative effect is enormous

Rotary projects are often seen one at a time and each one is an example of that Rotary club being active in their community, helping the community address a need that when satisfied will make the lives of many better.  Of course, these projects happen because real people make them happen, helping real people needing that helping hand up.  Rotarians are People of Action.  But what does this amount to over a longer term?  Here is an example of a project of ten-years and counting from the Rotary Club of Apia:
The cumulative effect is enormous  2019-11-18 11:00:00Z 0 2019,district9920,supportingeducation
Not your average heart patient 2019-11-18 11:00:00Z 0 2019,savingmothersandchildren

RNZWCS Announcement Concerning Australian Bush Fires Aid

Rotary New Zealand World Community Service (RNZWCS Limited) signed an MOU with Rotary Australia World Community Service Ltd in 2014. The purpose of the MOU includes working collaboratively in Humanitarian Assistance. Due to differing Income Tax legislation in New Zealand and Australia each receives donations on behalf of the other for individual projects/activities listed on our respective websites or when the need arises as is the case for the current Bushfire Emergency.

Donations may be made as quoted below. Receipts will be issued for tax Deductible purposes.
RNZWCS Announcement Concerning Australian Bush Fires Aid 2019-11-12 11:00:00Z 0 2019,disasterresponse

An insight into a Interact Club: Whakatane High School Interact Club 2019

Whakatane High School Interact Club has over 50 members and a reputation for being very active in their school and community with strong connections with Rotary.  Membership is not only about service, it is also about developing new leadership skills with the opportunity to put these into practice.
The following is from the Whakatane High School Year Book 2019:

An insight into a Interact Club: Whakatane High School Interact Club 2019 2019-11-04 11:00:00Z 0 2019,district9940,interact,youthprogrammes

SPPETS 2020 - Register now !

Posted on Nov 03, 2019
Yes folks, its that time of year !
The website and registration pages are now live for you. The draft programme is available to view now, but it will be updated.
Please go here.
SPPETS 2020 - Register now ! 2019-11-02 11:00:00Z 0

Ending Polio - what is happening around World Polio Day

Rotarians globally have pledged “they will continue to raise funds and awareness until the world is certified free from polio”.
There are 21 events anticipated to be held throughout New Zealand on and around the 2019 World Polio Day the 24th October to raise funds and arouse awareness.
Globally, the anticipation is that more than 5,000 events will be held by Rotary in 120 countries.  New Zealand Rotarians together with the New Zealand Aid programme have contributed approximately US$ 8 million from 1988-2019 to the Global Polio Eradication Initiative ...
Ending Polio - what is happening around World Polio Day 2019-10-23 11:00:00Z 0

Making online work for you

For many in our community the website is one of the very first points of contact with the community. 
Yes, some will be involved and see the club at projects, but a reality is that this is fleeting … here one short period of time, gone (and forgotten) the next.
A reality is that those who may wish to engage with Rotary will do this online before they ever chance upon a project out in the neighbourhood.
You have to make it easy for your community and others in Rotary to connect with your club.  So briefly, here are some “must do” actions clubs must do if they wish to be visible and for that visibility to be effective:
Making online work for you  2019-09-26 12:00:00Z 0

Rejuvenated!  The Regional Rotary Conference in Christchurch was just incredible

The 2019 Christchurch Rotary Regional Conference is now concluded and a massive thanks go to organisers Ross Skinner and Liz Courtney and their team for an outstanding [outstanding] conference. It was incredibly good. All conference participants had a high energy and value time that has reinvigorated their commitment to Rotary. We have been Rejuvenated!
Under the "Read More" tab there are some very brief insights into the essence of the Conference ... after all (for example), how can one convey the deeply felt and emotional reaction to the final Key Note speaker Cam Calkoen on "Developing an Awesome Winning Attitude"? ... you can't, you have to be there to experience. Such is the value of these conferences and it is hoped you, the reader, will seriously consider attending the next one.
The next AUS/NZ Rotary Regional Conference is "Spring into Alice", Alice Springs, 18-20 September 2020
Rejuvenated! The Regional Rotary Conference in Christchurch was just incredible 2019-09-22 12:00:00Z 0

Women in Rotary - Muriel Roake

For many years I’ve had a personal goal of ‘giving back’, so I was a Board member and Chair of a not for profit for some years.  About five years ago I stepped out of my corporate career, which included the role of General Manager at Air New Zealand responsible for leadership and culture development.  What a privilege it was to work with the executive teams led by Ralph Norris after 9/11 and the demise of Ansett, and then latterly Rob Fyfe.  I learnt so much and I absolutely loved the 11 years I spent there. 
That work remains my passion and about 5 years ago I started my own consultancy designing and facilitating leadership and team programs, and coaching leaders at all levels within a diverse range of organisations, big and small. 
Just before I started my consultancy, I joined St Johns Rotary having been introduced to it by Donald Bowie whose daughter along with mine took dance lessons together meaning both families got to know each other well.  Unfortunately, the intensity of establishing the new business meant I found I was unable to contribute as much time and energy as I would have liked to club activities but contributed as I could and the club was certainly most understanding. 
Then earlier this year I thought I would have the time to do more, so I took on the Directorship of the International Community Service Committee portfolio, with Donald as my mentor.  I am looking forward to working more closely on some international projects with my fellow committee members and the rest of the community, learning more about Rotary and attending meetings whenever I can. 
Phil my partner is a Civil engineer and we live in Stonefields.  We always enjoy the camaraderie and inspiration at the dinner meetings.  I also have a son Brett who is an Architect and on weekends I love entertaining and exploring outdoors in the Summer, and in the Winter watching rugby and much like Hugh, miniseries!   
Women in Rotary - Muriel Roake 2019-08-27 12:00:00Z 0

Regeneration: The NZ-Aust Rotary Conference September 2019

Posted by Liz Courtney on Aug 15, 2019
Open to ALL Rotarians, this is going to be one special event. Have a read of the compelling reasons why you should consider attending in this article and by looking at the website and Facebook pages for latest updates on speakers, activities and more.
Why YOU should attend. Many of you are asking questions about the September Conference so here are some answers !
Regeneration: The NZ-Aust Rotary Conference September 2019 Liz Courtney 2019-08-14 12:00:00Z 0

Global Grant: Water and Sanitation Project in Maewo Community, Vanuatu

Central to a District 9910-Rotary Foundation Global Grant Water and Catchment Sanitation Project was a new multipurpose building on Maewo Island, Vanuatu, that was handed over to the community at Naone Primary School in a colourful display of cultural dancers in 4 July 2019.
Many Global Grant projects in the Pacific seem to be completed with little fanfare outside the community involved yet are shining examples of the dedication and hard work of Rotarians and locals to improve the lives of many in often remote and very poor communities in the Pacific.  This is one such story worth a read.
Picture: The handing over was made in the presence of Director of Education Samuel Katipa,  Past District 9910 Governor Lindsay Ford (in black) and his wife Alison, SHaRM Foundation member/ Project Manager Stuart Friend and other invited guests.
Global Grant: Water and Sanitation Project in Maewo Community, Vanuatu 2019-08-09 12:00:00Z 0

A small but huge gift

The Third Object of Service for Rotarians is; The application of the ideal of service in each Rotarian's personal, business, and community life. Past President Anil of Glenfield Rotary shows how it is done.
A small but huge gift 2019-07-25 12:00:00Z 0

Generation Homes RotarySwimarathon 2019

The 2nd annual RotarySwimarathon more than doubled the number of teams and swimmers that took part in the 2018 RotarySwimarathon. 47 teams and 274 swimmers swam a total of 7,038 laps (175.95 kilometres, or the equivalent of Auckland CBD to Tirau) and pledged almost $16,000 in sponsorship.
Generation Homes RotarySwimarathon 2019  2019-07-08 12:00:00Z 0

Have a Go Sailing Builds Young Confidence

Conditions were near perfect for the first week of Have a Go Sailing for 2019; mainly cloudless skies, flat water and a gentle southerly making Okahu Bay a great location for new sailors; 20 schools participated, most were low decile.  To learn what these children thought of this unique opportunity to experience a totally new skill set, go to HERE
Have a Go Sailing Builds Young Confidence 2019-06-30 12:00:00Z 0

Governor-General launches Rotary Oceania’s centennial activities

Posted on Jun 28, 2019
Rotary’s activities and celebrations to mark 100 years of Rotary in Aotearoa New Zealand and the Pacific Islands were officially launched at Government House in Wellington on 20 June 2019. An audience of more than two hundred were introduced to Rotary’s plans which will lead up to the celebration of 100 years of Rotary achievement in Auckland in 2021.  Most importantly, it is the impact we have in our communities that we should celebrate during this time.    
Governor-General launches Rotary Oceania’s centennial activities  2019-06-27 12:00:00Z 0

Women in Rotary - Coral Aitchison

I have been proud to have been a Rotary member since 2 May 1992. Initially inducted into The Rotary Club of Karori and a member there for 19 years and then transferred my membership to The Rotary Club of Carterton upon my family’s move to the Wairarapa in 2011, both clubs in district 9940.
Joining rotary initially was to contribute my time outside of business interests and to become involved in our local community. I was initially invited to join The Rotary Club of Karori by an existing female member of that club who knew of me and my involvement in the initial setting up of The Women in Business Network in Wellington. Knowing nothing of Rotary I went along and was made to feel very welcome by fellow members. The club gave me the opportunity to mix with other businesspeople and was it was an organisation completely apart from my business and family links. Something just for me, not dependant on who I was married to or what my two children and their interests were.
My husband travelled extensively for some years at that time and being able to be part of the Rotary family really meant a lot to me. The weekly meetings gave substance to a demanding business life and a regular engagement that I would schedule into my business diary, 6pm every Tuesday without fail. Karori was a very busy club with about 45 members at that time. I was honoured to be elected to the role of Club President in 1997-98. Karori also honoured me by making me a Paul Harris Fellow.  Karori Club was very active in the community as well as District 9940. The Group Study Exchange received a lot of support from Karori and I was involved in the District Committee for several years.  
My family have hosted Student Exchanges from Brazil, Canada and Germany and it was a joy to share their lives and development of young students into young adults over that time.
Cluster Clubs originated in Wellington at that time and this gave us all the opportunity to join together on the larger projects that could have been too challenging for smaller clubs. The events we were involved in during that time with the Cluster Clubs were the charity preopening days at the National Museum Te Papa, the open days at the Westpac Stadium and being guinea pigs for the catering for a formal dinner also at Westpac Stadium. 
The highlight for my Rotary years was the presentation to the Zealandia Board on the proposal for funding the new predator proof fence of 8.6 km to surround the New Zealand wildlife Sanctuary.  The Board Member’s eyes lit up at our suggestion for fence posts to have a Rotary Plaque with the donor’s name to record their donation of $100.00.  In the end, several kilometres of Rotary posts were erected on the perimeter of the walkway with Rotarians from all over the world contributed to this worthwhile project. As I used to say to them, “in future years your grandchildren can come along and see what Grandad did for this wonderful project”.  This fence post project was promoted to all Rotary clubs in the Wellington area and I soon became used to erecting the 3-piece sample fence a metre wide, along with a stuffed dead possum caught on the wiring as an example on how it would prevent future incursions into Zealandia.  Without the Predator Proof Fence, Zealandia could never have been possible.
Since 2011, my husband Bill and I have lived in the Wairarapa.  We both decided to retire, Bill from his profession as Consultant Change Manager and my Finance and Insurance background.   Initially we designed and built the Five Star Hoeke Lodge, just outside Carterton.   A wonderful time, meeting many guests who spent time with us enjoying the luxurious lifestyle we created especially for them.   Unfortunately, Bill had a quadbike accident a few months later and we reluctantly sold Hoeke Lodge and moved into the Carterton township.
My time in The Rotary Club of Carterton has been busy with many projects on the go.    Five years as Convenor of the Annual Christmas Parade and also resurrecting the Challenge Shield School Gardening Competition on behalf of the local A & P Organisation.   Originally created in 1906 with a wonderful trophy to be held by the winning primary school for 12 months, it had gone into recess in 1964. Revived in 2011, the competition is among 12 schools competing for this Challenge Shield and the children thoroughly enjoy their gardening experiences. A great way for them to learn about the living earth.
The Friendship Exchange programme has also been a great way to enable other Rotarians to travel and learn about other countries. In 1995 I was able to travel to Colorado and Texas on this programme and recommend the experience to all Rotarians. As at March 2019, I am currently winding up parts of a Friendship Exchange from New South Wales, Australia District D9700 and also Vancouver Island and North Coast of Washington USA District 5020. Clubs from all over the world can be involved in this programme and it is thoroughly recommended.
Coral Aitchison
Rotary Club of Carterton
Women in Rotary - Coral Aitchison 2019-05-23 12:00:00Z 0 #womeninrotarynzpacific

Women in Rotary - Elizabeth Arrowsmith

Interview with Elizabeth:
1.         How long in Rotary and the club and district noted
I have been in Rotary for under a year and I am a part of district 9920.
2.         Why did you join Rotary and what keeps you in Rotary?
I was one of the chairs of the Interact club at Pakuranga College and I wanted to continue being able to give back to the community so when I was given the opportunity to be a part of the Auxiliary club, I was on board! What I really admire about Rotary is the collaboration of people in different lines of work and the ability to establish connections with those in the club and within the community.
3.         What is your current role in Rotary?
I am a member of the Pakuranga Tamaki River Rotary Auxiliary.
4.         What has been the best Rotary highlight/project for you?
Some highlights of Rotary so far have been being able to present Atlas’s to the children of Anchorage Park Primary School and being a Sergeant at the 2019 South Pacific President Elect training. I have also enjoyed collaborating with other Rotary clubs such as working with the South Auckland Rotary club at the Chinese New Year Market Day to raise funds for the Fiji Oxygen Project.  
5.         Your profession, work area, skills and talents
I am a BioMed (pre-med) student at Auckland University and I am interested in becoming a doctor.
6.         Family and/or children etc
I am of Tongan, Fijian, Scottish and English descent. I live with both my parents and enjoy being a part of a large Tongan family with many cousins, aunties, and uncles.
7.         Interests and hobbies/passions
I love sport and I have a passion for netball (indoor and outdoor). I hope to get back into club netball in the future. I am passionate about the medical field and I aspire to be a medical health professional in the near future.
8.         Something about you not many people know
I am religious and love being Christian. My faith is very important to me and I try my best to integrate values of kindness and love through all that I do.
9:   How would you express what is most important to you personally about Rotary?
Being a force of change is imperative, especially in a world filled with inequities. But in order to effectuate our goal of common good, it is important to have a foundation based on diversity and acceptance, that of which Rotary seeks to achieve and that of which I hope to accomplish as a woman in Rotary.
Women in Rotary - Elizabeth Arrowsmith 2019-05-23 12:00:00Z 0 #womeninrotarynzpacific

Success for these young adults was well earned

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.” – Walt Whitman
A group of physically disable young adults took the offer to challenge themselves for a week of new experiences at the joint District 9910 and 9920 Challenge Camp held during May 2019.
Success for these young adults was well earned 2019-05-22 12:00:00Z 0

Women in Rotary - Joyti Singh

I have been a Rotarian for 14 years (joined October 2005) with Rotary Club of Auckland Harbourside District 9920.
The reason I joined Rotary is that I saw my husband and his friends doing all this good work for the needy people through our Club and I wanted to be a full Rotarian so I could do the same, help others in need and not just a partner Rotarian.
Rotary is an International Charitable organisation doing good for others in need. What keeps me in Rotary is “Doing good for others in Need and assisting with the education of the Underprivileged Children” as I believe education will eradicate Poverty. Volunteering my hours to do good in the Community and overseas gives me great inner satisfaction. This is what I love doing most being a Rotarian.
I am currently the International Director of our club and the District 9920 Trainer for the past two years. I am also a Past President of our club (2014-2015 year) and have held many Leadership roles in my club.
The best Rotary Project that I have been involved in is distributing the Rotary Osborne Dictionary to the underprivileged children in Fiji, going personally to the rural schools in Fiji. In most cases these Rotary Dictionaries have been these 10 year old children’s first book they have owned. In some cases, the class teacher has cried while thanking us as they value this assistance so much.  A very satisfying project for me which we have been doing for the past 4 years in joint partnership with Education First Trust and are still continuing to do this project.
I am also currently volunteering as the Chairperson of Education Frist Trust  – another Charitable organisation. I have been a trustee of Education First Trust for the past 10 years.
Together with my husband Sursen Singh who has been a Rotarian since 1994, we have travelled to India, Sri Lanka, Nepal three times now together with a group of Rotarians and friends and family of Rotary. We have met some very excited Rotarians in India who have organised combined Rotary meetings with our group. This has been a huge International Rotary experience for us meeting these likeminded people overseas who are also doing good for others.
I am a Registered Financial Adviser, Director owner of Mortgage Providers NZ Ltd which I have been operating since 2005. My expertise is in Lending as my previous role was a Lending Manager at ANZ Bank.  I specialise mainly in Home Loan & Business loans and love assisting my clients get into their first home, purchase investment properties or a Business.
I love the social aspect of being a Rotarian, meeting people for personal and professional reasons. I have made many friends over these years as a result of being a Rotarian.  I like to be an active Rotarian in our Clubs Board and fundraising projects. Rotary has given me many Leadership opportunities which has assisted me in my professional work.
My husband Sursen Singh is a retired Banker, an Honorary member of our Rotary Club. I have two adult children, son and daughter in law & gorgeous grandson  living in Sydney and daughter living in Melbourne. I love my family and try and spend as much time with them as I can.
I love travelling, meeting people, cooking, gardening, good wine and keep a healthy lifestyle by  regular gym and eating healthy food.
I grew up in a village in Nausori Fiji and  come from a family of charitable people. My grandmother was a well-respected community leader, doing volunteer work for the people in need in the village, my parents both were very giving as well. My six siblings are all very charitable as well in different ways.
For me personally being a Rotarian,  has given me so many opportunities in Leadership roles, meeting new people here in Auckland, New Zealand and overseas, to serve others who are less fortunate than me and getting that inner satisfaction when you see a smile on those underprivileged children’s faces when they receive their first book – this is Rotary for me.
Women in Rotary - Joyti Singh 2019-05-07 12:00:00Z 0 #womeninrotarynzpacific

Women in Rotary - Fay Norman

“Through travelling as the Governor’s wife, I have been provided with opportunities to see Rotary through a wider lens.”    
I was inducted into the Rotary Club of East Coast Bays in District 9910 on Monday 11 March 2019 so I am a very new Rotarian. However, my involvement with Rotary commenced when my husband became a charter member of the Rotary Club of North Harbour in 1989. Our children were young and this club offered many opportunities for whanau fellowship and community engagement. Over the past 30 years I have enjoyed supporting the club through such activities as fundraising events, tree planting on Motutapu Island, hosting IYE students and club catering for Ronald McDonald House dinners for families.
I was a primary school teacher for over 30 years with 26 of those years teaching and as Deputy Principal at a Decile 1 school on Auckland’s North Shore, where I saw Rotary in action. Local clubs supported our school through hands on projects, funding programmes and equipment. It was the willingness of participating clubs to always say “yes’ to requests that impressed us the most. I am now retired from full time teaching but I continue to work in schools as a relieving teacher.
Over the past 2 ½ years I have had the privilege of being a part of an incredible journey with my husband Jerry, the current Governor of District 9910. Together we decided this would be a challenging but rewarding role and in July 2016 the first part of our chapter commenced.
As the wife of the Governor I wanted to be a hands-on teammate. In this role I took on the challenge of completing the District Directory; timetabling club visits; writing the monthly Governor Newsletter; catering for the many formal and informal district meetings; chairing the conference committee and became the ‘Governor’s Chauffeur’. Together we have visited 45 D9910 Rotary, Rotaract and Satellite Clubs in New Zealand, Noumea, Vanuatu and Norfolk Island. We were warmly welcomed by Rotarians across the district and heard of the wonderful work they continue to do. The highlight of this time for me was to witness the hard work undertaken in Vanuatu by dedicated Rotarians and the treasured memories of fellowship from our visits to our Pacific Island clubs.
It has been as a result of my time as the wife of the Governor, having had the opportunity to observe Rotary with a wider lens, that I made the decision to become a member of this wonderful organisation. I am looking forward to participating in projects that make a difference to the tamariki (children) and women in less privileged communities both locally and globally.
Jerry and I have 3 adult children and 8 mokopuna (grandchildren) who all live in close proximity to us. Whanau is very important to us and even over the past year we have attempted to continue our “nana and papa” roles whenever possible. Once Jerry’s Governor role ends in July 2019 I look forward to reading the stack of books I have sitting on the  bedside table, spending more time up at our shared family beach house in Mangawhai Heads, getting in some fishing and catching up with friends.
One of the most significant achievements I am proudest of is being the inaugural organiser of what has become the largest Cultural Festival for Primary and Intermediated schools on Auckland’s North Shore. I continued to coordinate this event for the following 22 years.
Women in Rotary - Fay Norman  2019-05-07 12:00:00Z 0 #womeninrotarynzpacific

Women in Rotary - Hannah Stoddart

I have been a member of the Next Rotary Generation North Shore club for about 18months, which is a Satellite Club belonging to Milford Rotary, sitting in District 9910.
I joined Rotary really by chance when a friend suggested I come along to a meeting of a group I might be interested in. The reason I stay though is the connection to Milford Rotary where my Grandad was a member and Paul Harris Fellow before he died 10 years ago. It's also the fellowship, and the flexibility of my club, we are the "new generation" of Rotary and we structure our meetings and projects around our members and what works best for them - not the other way around.
Currently, I am President, and will continue to be President for the 2019-2020 year. So far, the biggest highlight has been organising a Charity Ball fundraiser for Youthline, which managed to raise $10,000 to go towards helping Youthline run their 24/7 helpline that helps many young people in crisis around the country.
I currently work as a Marketing and Events Executive at the Takapuna Beach Business Association. I work on organising community events for the Takapuna area, and marketing campaigns to bring people into the area to support the local businesses within our boundaries. I also dabble in graphic and document design, which adds great value to what I bring to any role or group.
I am a keen netballer, playing both socially and competitively at the netball grounds on the North Shore, and I also love catching up with friends, seeing great movies and reading amazing books.
I'm a pretty open person - but something some people might not know about me, is that I'm a big petrolhead - I grew up in the world of stockcar racing, and I've loved motorsport and cars ever since!
To me, Rotary is about connection - whether it's to other members, the community, a cause or a project. Rotary is connecting.
Women in Rotary - Hannah Stoddart 2019-05-05 12:00:00Z 0 #womeninrotarynzpacific

Rotary continues Pacific expansion

Kiribati is one of, if not THE, poorest nation in the Pacific with communities in desperate need of a helping hand.  District 9920 has recently initiates two major undertakings that will help these communities substantially.  Here District 9920 Governor Ingrid is shown a community garden during her April visit.
Rotary continues Pacific expansion 2019-04-29 12:00:00Z 0

Women in Rotary - Georgina Richards

I have been a Rotarian coming up three years in the 9910 District and am currently our club President as well as being our District Trainer.
I love what Rotarians do out in the community helping others in need and enjoy the variety of projects that are on the go. During this time, I have met so many incredible people and made fantastic friendships, business connections and gained so much knowledge. This has included participating in Rotary International Fellowship trips to India and visits to neighbouring clubs in Vanuatu where I have been so inspired by how many of us are committed to doing good in this world and am so grateful and humbled by my fellow Rotarians.
One of my fondest projects in my first year as a Rotarian was organising a fund raiser for Woman’s Refuge and Youth Suicide awareness having had a staff member lose his son to suicide.This project stirred me to want to do something to help those left behind after such a tragedy, so I organised a Family Feud game show event where we raised over $10,000 in one night and had so much fun.Not only was the cause great but the personal development gained will remain with me for a lifetime as my self-confidence was elevated more than I could have dreamed.
I am a people leader by nature and by profession, working with change management. As a consequence, I spend many hours educating and empowering others to become better versions of themselves and so moving into the club President role in my second year of Rotary was an easy transition for me.
As a full time, professional, business owner and wife to an Assistant Governor, mum of three grown up children and a Nanny of four grandchildren, I am so blessed to have such a fulfilled life. It’s funny to think that I may have spare time, but in fact I do and in these moments,  I enjoy being creative, cooking, painting, drawing, sewing, swimming, biking, walking and training for a marathon. I must acknowledge that lifestyle balance and having the most amazing supportive loving people in my life has been the key to my success. 
Women in Rotary - Georgina Richards 2019-04-29 12:00:00Z 0 #womeninrotarynzpacific

Women in Rotary - Clare McCall

Clare McCall joined her club, Rotary Westhaven District 9910 in January 2016 because she wanted to work with like-minded people and help make a difference both on a local and global level. Clare is on the Board of her club, is the speaker coordinator and also organises the monthly Club Bulletin.
In 2018 Clare was awarded the Paul Harris Fellow recognition award to acknowledge the contribution she has made to projects in Nepal after founding ‘Himalayan Leaky Foundation’ charity to help ‘transform lives through kindness’. Clare is the driving force behind the ‘Thamdanad Integrated Water Supply & Sanitation Project’ working with Rotary Westhaven and the Rotary Club of Kavre-Banepa to achieve their objectives. The aim of this project is ‘water supply facilities’ and other ‘health and income’ generating activities for the communities within villages that were heavily damaged during a major earthquake in 2015.  Clare says the best thing about being a part of Rotary is the amazing people she has met and being involved in the Global Grant Nepal Project.
Clare is CFO/Director of a medium-sized plumbing company that was started by her late father John, in 1978. When Clare joined the family business 14 years ago there were 10 staff and it has now grown to over 30 staff with a strong focus on commercial construction.  
Clare is also Co-founder of ‘Himalayan Leaky Foundation’ started in memory of her dad. Clare’s long-term partner Bino, a talented artist who has worked with Sir Peter Jackson, is also involved in HLF, visiting Nepal each year with Clare to build relationships and work on projects to help the under privileged. Clare has been working with her Nepali colleagues since the 2015 earthquake, providing emergency support immediately after the quake and then ongoing support. This included building 25 basic houses in a village of over 60 people. In 2016 Clare worked on a project with Rotary Westhaven to insulate these houses. 
Clare’s passion lies in supporting and empowering women within the Nepal patriarchal society and HLF has been running successful adult literacy classes since 2016. This gives women the ability to read and write the basics, therefore giving them skills to find work and enabling them to support their families - often single-handedly. The classes also give women an opportunity to share their lives with each other, building a network of on-going support.
At home Clare and Bino own four very spoilt cats and although Clare has no children herself, she is Kuia to 11 mokopuna ranging in age from 1 to 18 years old. Clare enjoys travelling, hiking (especially the Himalayan Mountains), good movies and great wine.  She is also presently studying Te Reo to share Bino’s rich culture. Clare is also a long-time fan of American rapper and song writer Eminem and has seen him in concert 4 times.
Women in Rotary - Clare McCall 2019-04-11 12:00:00Z 0 #womeninrotarynzpacific
Women in Rotary - Barbara Whitton 2019-04-11 12:00:00Z 0 #womeninrotarynzpacific

It All Started With Some Rotary Kiwi Ingenuity...

In 2008.....

Geoff Mathis, (a Rotarian based in Mount Maunganui, NZ) then Rotary District Governor had an idea, one that required kiwi ingenuity and farming expertise. Geoff developed a simple biogas digester (cow manure in one end – gas out the other end) to help the village of Mwika have access to lighting and cooking gas.

Mwika, on the foothills of Mt Kilimanjaro, is an area of approximately 14sq kilometres. Seven villages reside here, totalling a population of around 7,000 families. Of these, 95% have no electricity or transport. Most families own 1-2 cows.

It All Started With Some Rotary Kiwi Ingenuity... 2019-04-04 11:00:00Z 0

Women in Rotary - Theresa Schwärzler

Theresa has been a “honorary” member of the South Wairarapa Rotary district 9940 for 8 months.  She is a Rotary exchange student from Austria hosted by the South Wairarapa Club. 
Theresa joined Rotary as an exchange student and she enjoys meeting up with Rotarians and other Rotary Fellows. She attends weekly meetings, has given a presentation to the Club, took an active role in the Martinborough Fair run by the South Wairarapa Rotary Club and is involved with other Rotary events. 
Rotary organises a lot of activities for exchange students.  She has had a lot of highlights during her exchange but one of them was a three week tour in the South Island, where she went tramping, bungee jumping , whale watching, white water rafting, kayaking and especially hanging out with the other Rotary exchange students.  
Theresa is still a student and she studies Music, Drama, English, Photography, Te Reo Maori and Spanish here in New Zealand. Last year she won third prize in a local photography competition.
Theresa’s parents and sister live in Austria. They are keeping in regular contact through Facetime. They are currently hosting a New Zealand Rotary exchange student.  Theresa is looking forward to meet up with her when she returns to Austria in July.
Theresa is a talented piano player, she loves to sing and playing the guitar. She is also a passionate skier and she likes tramping. One of her hobbies is going outside to take pictures of nature and different landscapes and of course another thing she likes to do is hanging  out with her friends.

Travelling to different countries is one of the activities Theresa loves the most. She is going to try playing school soccer this year. 
Most of the people that know Theresa in New Zealand are not aware that Theresa sings. In Austria she sang in a former student choir with other 30 students from her old music middle school she went to and she also has had singing lessons in Austria as well as here in New Zealand.
Throughout Rotary there are countless Rotarians whose journey in Rotary began with a Rotary youth programme such as Rotary Youth Exchange, Rotaract, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards and others.  Those taking part in service with Rotary through these programmes are a part of Rotary.
Women in Rotary - Theresa Schwärzler  2019-03-28 11:00:00Z 0 #womeninrotarynzpacific

Women in Rotary - Pauline Evans

I joined Rotorua West in 1994 having moved to Rotorua from Wellington. I had not been a Rotarian previously, although I was aware of Rotary as my father had been a Rotarian for many years.  
My husband Richard and I moved to Rotorua for business, we had not lived in Rotorua previously and did not know anyone. Joining Rotary was one way to meet people while getting involved with the community and giving volunteer service.
In Rotorua West I have held Director roles and have been honoured to be our Club’s President twice. Currently I am the Assistant Governor for Rotorua.
There have been many events and projects we have been involved with our the years, it would be hard to single out any one project, I am extremely proud of the enthusiasm and commitment from all of our members – it is this aspect of Rotary, the willingness to be involved to make things happen, that keeps me engaged.
Outside of Rotary I co-own a very busy Property Management Company – Rotorua Rentals, I am on the committee of the Wine and Food Society of Rotorua and I am the current Chairman of Neighbourhood Support Rotorua, an organisation I have been involved with for almost 25 years.
Other interests are gardening, keeping fit, travel, and cooking. 
I am an animal lover, we have two adorable cats, or rather they have us ! As I am seldom at home having a dog is not an option at this time.  
For anyone thinking about being more involved with their community I would recommend attending a few Rotary meetings, for me I am thankful I am able do something for others.
Women in Rotary - Pauline Evans 2019-03-24 11:00:00Z 0
Christchurch Tragedy - Message and Appeal 2019-03-15 11:00:00Z 0

Women in Rotary - Leole Malama-Prasad

Leole Malama-Prasad joined Hutt River Valley Rotary in 2013 because she wants to continue making a difference in the community working with like-minded people to ensure the best opportunities for young people across Aotearoa and also across the world. As Leole says, ‘Who else can say they are making a difference with friends and whanau? How many people can say they have contributed to eradicating polio?”
Rotary has provided opportunities that Leole has willingly accepted such as Past President of Rotary Club of Hutt River Valley and currently as an Assistant Governor and a member of the District 9940 Club Development and Membership Committee.Throughout these roles her Rotary highlight is getting a Rotary Presidential Citation in her year as President as it symbolises all the changes and efforts made in my year.
Her favourite projects are Dictionaries in Schools and the annual Rotary Stokes Valley Christmas Parade – Absolutely loves it!
Outside of Rotary, Leole is a Community Advisor with the Department of Internal Affairs where a half her role is community funding and the other half is supporting communities, community organisations and projects through the delivery of training, connections and facilitation
She is married to Raj Prasad, fellow Rotarian, who is of Fijian Indian Descent.
Women in Rotary - Leole Malama-Prasad 2019-03-11 11:00:00Z 0 #womeninrotarynzpacific

Women in Rotary - Beryl Robinson

My husband Colin and I have been in Rotary for quite some time, as we believe that serving others in our community is to be truly a part of that community.  We have both been offered many opportunities through Rotary, and our willingness to say “YES” to these opportunities, even when we didn’t really know what was actually involved, has benefitted all concerned.  We have learned new skills that have helped us in business and our everyday lives. 
We have also been to places and had incredible experiences that we would never have enjoyed otherwise, but most importantly, we have met amazing people from all over the world and remained friends with many.  All along the way, we have made a difference, either to those in need through the projects we have participated in, or by helping others in Rotary and Rotaract to gain the knowledge and skills to be able to do likewise. 
My volunteer roles have been in our Rotary club, our Rotary District, throughout New Zealand and the Pacific, and regionally.  These varied roles specialised in the areas of leadership, membership and training, with enabling others being a passion.
Every year has its treasured memories, but undoubtedly our most memorable year was when I was District Governor in 2004-2005, leading Rotary in Auckland and six Pacific Island nations, while also celebrating 100 years of Rotary throughout the world.  Colin has also always been very involved in Rotary technology, publicity and training, so we enjoy Rotary together. 
Women in Rotary - Beryl Robinson 2019-03-07 11:00:00Z 0

Preserving and showcasing your club history

Telling our Story of Rotary ... In 2021 we will celebrate one hundred years of Rotary serving our communities in New Zealand and the South Pacific Island nations. Our clubs are all descended from the original Clubs - Rotary Club of Wellington and Rotary Club of Auckland. It’s about the story - your story - your club story - our story - our history of Rotary's achievements in Oceania. So how do you tell it?  Read on …
Preserving and showcasing your club history 2019-02-05 11:00:00Z 0

When DISASTER strikes!

Rotary is always ready for an immediate response when Cyclones, Floods, Tsunami strike our vulnerable Pacific neighbours.  This activity has been supported by clubs, Rotarians and the public for close on 40 years.  Please continue to help us continue to be the first Responder when the need arises. Emergency Response Kit Brochure here. Read on for some more NZ-relevant ideas
When DISASTER strikes! 2019-02-05 11:00:00Z 0

276 Cars on Display at Inglewood Rotary Charity Car Show

Inglewood Rotary Club were proud to hold their 24th annual Charity Car Show on Sunday 4 February. A warm and sunny day welcomed an amazing number of vehicles in Inglewood with a record being reached of over 276. A fantastic crowd enjoyed two displays by the Fire Brigade. Funds raised will be going to Inglewood Volunteer Fire Service and other local Community Projects.  View pictures courtesy of William Bishop HERE
276 Cars on Display at Inglewood Rotary Charity Car Show 2019-02-04 11:00:00Z 0

Special Projects seeking your support

And they are off ... saying goodbye to the last of the lot of newly found friends from the Yasawas, Ba, Lautoka, Sigatoka....Moce Mada Taus and Dreus following their successful eye surgery.
The Taveuni Eye Project run annually by Taveuni Island Rotary is one of several very worthy projects seeking funding through Rotary New Zealand World Community Service (RNZWCS). Whether you are a individual or a Rotary club or a business wanting to support a great cause there will be a project of interest to you.  Have a look at one of these special projects at  Eleven projects from around the Pacific + Tanzania.  All donations gratefully received and tax deductible (NZ) with four giving options.
Special Projects seeking your support 2019-02-04 11:00:00Z 0

Women in Rotary - Karen Stade

Karen joined the Rotary Club of Whakatu in the middle of 2012.
She joined Rotary because she works for herself and by herself as a historical researcher and writer and was keen to expand her social networks, while also offering herself for community service. Her father Fred had been a Rotary member many years earlier and as both a Rotary exchange student (short term Australia exchange) and a RYLA student, she was keen to give back to the organisation that had offered her some great opportunities.
Karen chose the Whakatu club because it is a breakfast club and the majority of its members are still working. A meeting that starts at 6.45am and finishes on the dot of 8am on a Friday is a great way to vitalise the last working day of the week. But Whakatu is also renowned for its lack of Rotary formality and traditions and that also appealed.
She loves the social, community and Rotary networks she has developed as a result of being a Rotarian. She has thrived on getting involved, not only with the club’s management board, but also as club president and in various district and area projects, especially those related to women and polio. She is currently the club’s immediate past president and End-Polio-Now advocate.
One of her Rotary highlights to date was being one of three women from the Whakatu club who visited India in 2017 to participate in an End-Polio-Now vaccination programme in Agra. Visits to several Rotary projects in Agra highlighted the difficulties many young women have in continuing their education while dealing with their menstrual cycle in less than ideal sanitatary facilities. Many did not attend school while they were menstruating and many dropped out altogether. This led to Karen getting in touch with the Mamma’s Laef (pronounced Life) project based in Vanuatu. Run by local Nelsonian Belinda Roselli, it offers paid employment to local Vanuatu women, who make and then distribute washable sanitary pads to school girls throughout the island nation. The distribution of kits are supported with basic reproductive health education. The Whakatu club made a donation to the project and then became the lead club in a successful three-club district grant application which together resulted in several hundred girls receiving their own kits, enabling them to continue their education.
Karen is a professional history researcher and writer and the author of more than 10 history books, most about Nelson-Tasman history. She uses her skills to keep the club Facebook, website, and Instagram and Twitter accounts up to date with news, projects and events. She also writes stories about club projects for publication in local newspapers, assisted by her husband Martin, a professional photographer and also a member of the Whakatu club.
Karen and Martin have one son, Troy, who is a keen attendee of his parents Rotary club meetings when he is home in Nelson. He is currently a Masters student at Tokyo University.
Outside of Rotary, Karen is a member of Nelson Historical Society, She is a twice-former president, looks after the society’s social media presence and is editor of its annual journal.  She also a trustee of the City of Nelson Civic Trust and a member of the Nelson branch of the New Zealand Society of Genealogists. She is a keen traveller, with several trips to Japan under her belt and more planned while her son Troy is living in Japan. She loves reading fiction and non-fiction and has towering piles of books by her bed all begging to be read. She has been a member of the same book group for 16 years.
Something you might not know about Karen – in 2017 she was honoured with a Queen’s Service Medal for services to historical research and the community, with special mention made of her work with Rotary to end polio.
Women in Rotary - Karen Stade 2019-01-23 11:00:00Z 0 #womeninrotarynzpacific

Women in Rotary

Women have always had an influence in Rotary right from the contribution of Jean Thompson, Rotary's Founder Paul Harris's wife, who is often stated as being "the power behind the Rotary 'throne' ".  2019 marks 30 years since Rotary International formerly enabled women to join Rotary as Rotarians. Since then the direct contribution of women in Rotary has soared and is today pronounced.

Women in Rotary 2019-01-16 11:00:00Z 0 #womeninrotarynzpacific

Rotary Whakatane's Rural Kids Bus Shelter Project

Rural Kids Bus Shelter Project Report Bob Gillon November 2018  
The 3 Total Span Bus Shelters are completed and in use by local children in Te Rahu Road, Downard Road and Sutherland Road.
In May 2018 the Beacon ran an article calling for rural families to suggest sites for the bus shelters with a good response.
In negotiation with local schools and farmers, UzaBus, Whakatane District Council, Transit NZ and Chorus the 3 sites were selected and the pallets containing all the components were delivered from the factory in Christchurch to my home. Each frame was put together in my front yard. I commenced the on-site work clearing the sites, digging drainage and erecting boxing.
Whakatane ITM provided the steel mesh. The concrete base was poured - provided by Allied Concrete, then the frames transported to the site by trailer, lifted on and off by 4 strong neighbours and local farmers.
Rotary Whakatane's Rural Kids Bus Shelter Project 2018-12-02 11:00:00Z 0

The Rotary Predator Trap Project

From the D9930 website
Rotary  Whakatane's  guest speakers were club member and birthday boy Craig and his partner Bridget (“the Palmers”) who gave us an update and tag-team presentation on the Rotary Predator Trap Project. 
The project came about when the inspirational idea to try and get hold of stoat traps from a local supplier aligned with the Menz Shed group looking for something to do.  Stoats are the number one predator of Kiwi chicks.  It took about a year to put things together, but the project is going very well now.  
The traps are built by Menz Shed using local suppliers for the materials and are delivered to your door.  The funds raised go to support local youth environmental initiatives and environmental education. 
The Rotary Predator Trap Project 2018-11-26 11:00:00Z 0

Blood Pressure - high or not?

Annually Rotary clubs across New Zealand team up with the Stroke Foundation and St John for the Big Blood Pressure Check Day and here are some pictures of the action.
Blood Pressure - high or not? 2018-10-06 11:00:00Z 0
Irrigation creates new growth 2018-09-26 12:00:00Z 0
Vanuatu’s Little Stars Summer School (VLSSS) 2018-09-23 12:00:00Z 0

Let's GO, and grow

The easiest people to ask to join or support you in Rotary are those you have helped in the past. So, ask them

Alumni Reconnect Week is a dedicated time (an excuse if you need it) to go back to those who you have sponsored to Rotary programmes over the years and show them new opportunities for them in Rotary and ASK them if they are interested.

Think of the RYE student now a young professional who could add a fresh face to your club
What about the RYLA awardee who is looking for a new way to do something positive for themselves and their community

The list goes on - have a look at

Let's GO, and grow 2018-09-08 12:00:00Z 0
CLEAR! Waiheke Rotary makes life-saving AEDs readily available 2018-09-05 12:00:00Z 0

Time for change - Enough of those plastic bags!

Howick Rotary in Auckland took the initiative in changing from the use of single use plastic bags and replacing these with an environmentally friendly alternative.  This is a decision that is pragmatic, thought out and of actual additional benefit to their community. This is typical of a club that prefers to lead rather than follow.
Time for change - Enough of those plastic bags! 2018-08-22 12:00:00Z 0

Awapuni Club - Ticking all the Boxes

At the culmination of 6 years work, the Rotary Club of Awapuni opened the first Steven Adams Basketball court in NZ , at Awapuni , Palmerston North in August 2018 ... and it was opened by Kiwi NBA star, Steven Adams.
Awapuni Club - Ticking all the Boxes 2018-08-20 12:00:00Z 0
Rotary Pacific Water For Life - Training Plumber Opportunity 2018-08-15 12:00:00Z 0
So who are these Rotarians? 2018-08-02 12:00:00Z 0

Relevance for these uncertain times

Paul Harris said:
“Friendship was the foundation rock on which Rotary was built and tolerance is
the element which holds it together.”
My Road to Rotary
Relevance for these uncertain times 2018-07-22 12:00:00Z 0

Rotaract to Rotary Club President.

There is inspiration every where you turn in Rotary and the most inspiring stories are the ones told by Rotarians of their journey in Rotary and how it has shaped their lives.  Here Lisa, a young professional and President of Dunedin Rotary, tells of her journey.
Rotaract to Rotary Club President. 2018-07-20 12:00:00Z 0

Rescued food nourishes disadvantaged children and families

Takapuna North Rotary, concerned for the welfare and health of the most vulnerable children and families in their community has helped kickstart the KiwiHarvest initiative on the North Shore.  This has been an outstanding success in providing fresh nutritious food to those who most need it by rescuing good food that otherwise would be thrown out.
Rescued food nourishes disadvantaged children and families 2018-07-17 12:00:00Z 0
Random Story from the Regions 2018-07-12 12:00:00Z 0
Experience Rotary in Comfort 2018-07-12 12:00:00Z 0
A Pacific CAN Do Attitude 2018-07-12 12:00:00Z 0

Welcome to the Dawn of Another Rotary Year

Thank you to the many who have led our six districts,  our clubs and our many projects for a wonderful job done over the last Rotary year. Welcome to those beginning or continuing in  leadership positions for the year ahead.
Thanks also to Rotary International President 2017-2018 Ian Riseley and Juliet for their leadership.  As Ian said recently: "You may have heard it said that the world is run by those who show up. Rotarians don’t just show up. They show up, and get to work. Many of you know that I love the great country of New Zealand. There’s a Maori proverb from that country that I’d like to share with you, that asks: What is the most important thing in the world? The answer is: He tangata, he tangata, he tangata. It is the people, it is the people, it is the people. In Rotary, it is the people who are making a difference. Thank you for all that you do."
Our success is up to us.
Welcome to the Dawn of Another Rotary Year 2018-07-01 12:00:00Z 0


At the recent “Changeover” of Presidents at the Ahuriri Sunrise Rotary Club in Napier, Katherine Dunstall was installed as president for the 2018 – 2019 Rotary year.  Katherine is a third generation Rotarian – her father and grandfather preceded her into Rotary, and a fourth generation funeral director, being preceded there be her great grandfather as well as the aforementioned.
Wise Words 2018-06-28 12:00:00Z 0
Very thought provoking - a must view 2018-06-16 12:00:00Z 0


Posted by PDG Liz Courtney
The year I was District Governor for District 9970 my focus was on Child and Maternal Health projects. A Rotarian and midwife, Yvonne Hiskemuller, suggested that we start the process of setting up a Rotary Community Breast Milk Bank.  Christchurch is the only centre in New Zealand that has an operating milk bank which is situated in the Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and it provides donor milk to some NICU babies. We saw the opportunity to work with the hospital to reach a wider community need. This seemed a perfect fit for Rotary to become involved in such a project.

Building transportable house netts massive $100,000 for children

Levin Rotary has completed its largest and most successful project ever with outstanding benefits achieved at every stage of the project.  A pile of lumber became a transportable house which became $100.000 which became 250 Chromebooks in the hands of needy children.  This is an inspirational example of Rotary in action.
Building transportable house netts massive $100,000 for children 2018-06-06 12:00:00Z 0
From guest speaker to building fireplaces in Nepal this is a story of connections, commitment and energy 2018-06-04 12:00:00Z 0
Rotary on the Move - December 2018-05-31 12:00:00Z 0
A young life forever changed for the better 2018-05-31 12:00:00Z 0
ROMAC News - June 2018-05-31 12:00:00Z 0
Mentoring New Members 2018-05-15 12:00:00Z 0
Enhancing Public Image Across New Zealand and the Pacific 2018-05-15 12:00:00Z 0

Phone Scam Warning

Rotary never just asks for money, rather uses active fundraising efforts so should anyone ring saying they represent Rotary and are asking for money ... hang up. If you wish to support Rotary please approach Rotary through the appropriate website.
Phone Scam Warning 2018-05-14 12:00:00Z 0
A facelift for a very special community asset 2018-05-07 12:00:00Z 0

Success of Fiji’s Rotahomes

The Rotahome project in Fiji was started in 1985. Since that time a total of 978 homes have been built for families including 241 at Koroipta Town housing some 1,250 people.

Success of Fiji’s Rotahomes 2018-05-07 12:00:00Z 0
What Rotary achieves by working together is amazing  2018-05-07 12:00:00Z 0


Posted on May 04, 2018
Sailing can be so fulfilling and foster such a sense of accomplishment so to have children from low decile schools exposed to the sport that is known to have lifetime benefits is a huge achievement.

After a grueling year ...

After a grueling year of preparation, two Rotarians and a Rotaractor face one last challenge before they can join the elite ShelterBox Response Team.  Read more.
After a grueling year ... 2018-04-30 12:00:00Z 0
Rotary on the Move Newsletter May 2018 2018-04-30 12:00:00Z 0
Follow the Health Bus Journey through NZ to Rarotonga 2018-04-19 12:00:00Z 0

Two New Highly Prominent Projects To Become Familiar With

These are two significant initiatives that all clubs are requested to support.  These are in the final development phase and information is soon to be presented to clubs throughout Rotary Oceania.  Click on the immunisation to link to information for that project.
Two New Highly Prominent Projects To Become Familiar With 2018-04-18 12:00:00Z 0
Rotary on the Move Newsletter - April 2018-03-30 11:00:00Z 0
Bring emerging leaders into your club 2018-03-28 11:00:00Z 0
TfS Newsletter 2018-03-26 11:00:00Z 0
Now in digital format 2018-03-25 11:00:00Z 0
Rotary plants for the future - each one of us! 2018-03-25 11:00:00Z 0
Latest news from D9940 2018-03-20 11:00:00Z 0
March Rotary Leader 2018-03-08 11:00:00Z 0
Well briefed – squatter kids to benefits from many generous clubs 2018-03-08 11:00:00Z 0
An evening with Jennifer Jones on 27 March 2018-03-08 11:00:00Z 0

Inaugural Counties Cycle Classic

Sue Cronin (L) and Vicki Crosbie cross the finish line - Pukekohe is best known for its V8 race cars and onions. Sitting in the heart of New Zealand’s richest horticultural land, it was natural the traditional goodie bags for entrants in the inaugural Counties Cycle Classic would be stuffed with local produce!
Inaugural Counties Cycle Classic 2018-03-08 11:00:00Z 0
March Rotary on the Move 2018-02-28 11:00:00Z 0
Find your passion in Rotary 2018-02-28 11:00:00Z 0
Kissing Frogs at Rotary Meetings 2018-02-27 11:00:00Z 0

Devastated Tonga Still Needs Your Help

ERKs distributed
people helped and counting
Rotary has done well in helping following Cyclone Gita but let's not let up yet.
CLICK HERE for updates and how you can still help.
Devastated Tonga Still Needs Your Help 2018-02-26 11:00:00Z 0

News from 9980

Lots happening in the lower half of the South Island!
News from 9980 2018-02-26 11:00:00Z 0
What is happening in 9930 2018-02-26 11:00:00Z 0

New Guides Help You Achieve

Easily create a visiually stunning website using this new series of helpful guides.  Login to this website and go to Documents and download the SNAPSHOT guides. 
New Guides Help You Achieve 2018-02-26 11:00:00Z 0
Te Ara Piko – The Meandering Path 2018-02-25 11:00:00Z 0

An Environmental and Conservation Success Story

Te Ara Piko – The Meandering Path
Pauatahanui Inlet is the only large estuarine wetland left in the lower half of the North Island. The Inlet is recognised for its high ecological, aesthetic and recreational values, being classified as a site of Special Wildlife Interest by the Department of Conservation and recognised as an area of Significant Conservation value in the Regional Coastal Plan.
An Environmental and Conservation Success Story 2018-02-24 11:00:00Z 0

New Guides available on a variety of Clubrunner and Publicity topics

Posted on Feb 20, 2018

There are a series of Clubrunner and Publicity SNAPSHOP guides you might find useful under 'For Rotarians' / 'Documents and Resources' on - a login is needed which is the same as for your club Clubrunner site.  Note that the direct links to these guides as below do not need you login to view as have been filed as 'Public' because they do not hold privacy information.  These may be updated at anytime so always go back to source (Documents) if possible.

The purpose of these is to find the quickest and easiest way for doing things useful for clubs in a way that anyone can achieve a good result using existing software.

If there are improvements to any of these you would like or have additional topics that need consideration please email

New Guides available on a variety of Clubrunner and Publicity topics 2018-02-19 11:00:00Z 0

Educating and Upskilling - a Wanganui success story

The Rotary Club of Whanganui continues to provide support for a community initiative to educate and upskill people who have found it difficult to secure employment because of their past history. 
The objective is to create employment for themselves and the wider community.
Educating and Upskilling - a Wanganui success story 2018-02-14 11:00:00Z 0
Cyclone Gita: Updates and how you can help 2018-02-12 11:00:00Z 0

How would you feel without your underwear?

The members of Highbrook Rotary in Auckland have accepted the challenge - will you?
May be a bit down and out?  Not too comfortable as the least of the reasons having underwear is of use to you.
Liz Courtney is collecting underwear for children in Fiji's Squatters camps. They are desperate for girls and boys aged 2 - 4. Children's underwear is very expensive over there and the volunteer teachers, who are funded by Rotary, are wanting to teach the children about health and hygiene.  A small action by you can change a child's life.

Can you help add to this  collection?  Ask your President Elect to take your / the club contribution along with them to South Pacific President Elect Training on 2 March so they can taken back to Fiji with the Presidents Elect attending from there, or email Liz at 
How would you feel without your underwear? 2018-02-10 11:00:00Z 0

Hobart will be the place to be on 14-16 September


Did you know that Rotary in New Zealand and Australia are drawing closer together? On 1 July, Australia joins us as part of the new Rotary Zone where instead of New Zealand and the Pacific being a Zone on its own we will be in a Zone that includes part of Australia. We do not lose our self-determination … independence ... call it what you will, but there will be improve synergies, communication and sharing and implementation of ideas that support clubs and strengthen Rotary in our region.


Hobart will be the place to be on 14-16 September 2018-01-25 11:00:00Z 0
NZer Jimmy Griffith in Bangladesh as a response volunteer with ShelterBox. 2017-11-26 11:00:00Z 0

Three Membership Voice webinars over the next three weeks

These three seminars are relavant to Rotary in our part of the world and have been developed and made available by District 9465 Membership Chair Kero O’Shea and are based on feedback from his community.  These are suitable for all club leaders and membership specialists. Clicking on the Title takes you to some additional information.
When: Nov 23, 2017  7.30pm  Register here
Have you ever wondered about the power of effective facilitation in Rotary?
It is one of the most important sets of skills for leaders. Facilitation is a process to guide and direct work with groups of people such as meetings, planning sessions, and training of our members and leaders. The process of facilitation is a way of providing leadership without taking the reins.
When: Nov 30, 2017 5:00 PM     Register here
You’d have to be nuts to start a new Rotary club from scratch in our current environment of declining membership and closing clubs. It could only be done by offering a very different version of Rotary. Presenter Mark Huddleston will talk about what makes the Rotary club of Seaford unique and how it continues to grow. Mark will share his top 5 secrets of success at Seaford; initiatives he believes can be employed by any club to improve membership outcomes.
When: Dec 3, 2017 10:00 AM    Register here
In this webinar, Presenter Jessie Harman will outline the changing landscape for volunteering, and what you can do to strengthen your club. This webinar is a must for anyone keen to ensure their club can successfully attract and retain volunteers now and in the future.
Three Membership Voice webinars over the next three weeks 2017-11-20 11:00:00Z 0

Mobility-challenged kids get mobile play

GoBabyGo and the Combined Rotary Clubs of Hamilton team up to help

Volunteer-run charity GobabyGo  today donated 11 specially adapted, ride-in electric BMW toy cars to 11 mobility-challenged Waikato children today.

Children like three-year-old Ezekiel, who lives with cerebral palsy, and relies on a tiny wheelchair to get around, or 18-month-old Kingston, who has cardiac issues — among other health challenges — and who therefore tires easily.  Show left are volunteers from the combined Rotary clubs of Hamilton with a few of the kids and the cars
Mobility-challenged kids get mobile play 2017-11-07 11:00:00Z 0
School on a 'speck' of an island get much needed rennovation 2017-11-02 11:00:00Z 0

Yes!  We can and will grow our Rotarian numbers

Rotarians from across all the New Zealand-based districts travelled to the Christchurch venue of the 2nd annual National Membership Seminar.  The venue was full creating an atmosphere of optimism conducive to full participation and very constructive discussion.
Showcased was the absolute latest of successful resources and technique followed by animated discussion of those practices that are making such a difference in raising the membership of so many clubs. Exciting times for Rotary!  The discussion, presentations and other resource will shortly be available at
Yes! We can and will grow our Rotarian numbers 2017-10-31 11:00:00Z 0

Understanding The Rotary Foundation made easy - an essential read

Easy to read, clear and concise – the ultimate lay-persons overview of The Rotary Foundation
Some find understanding The Rotary Foundation confusing.  No longer – while there is much detail that can be drilled down into, the following explanation by Mike Webb, a Trustee of The Rotary Foundation, is well worth the quick read and can be shared. 
This year we celebrated 100 years of the Rotary Foundation, our charity
Our Foundation has very special qualities as it is an enabling Foundation, it asks us to donate or contribute like so many other charities but it also asks us to get involved and utilise the funds. We give but we also receive. Our Foundation is able to achieve its mission through the generous contributions and active participation of Rotarians and friends of Rotary
Understanding The Rotary Foundation made easy - an essential read Mike Webb, Rotary Foundation Trustee 2017-2021 2017-10-31 11:00:00Z 0

Staring Destruction in the Face

Powerful and destructive.  It is extremely worrying to see a cyclone developing and coming right at you.  You know it is going to hurt. It is even more worrying standing there in the wreckage of your home and possessions and wondering “what now” for your family having lost everything.  And then a Rotarian turns up with an …
Staring Destruction in the Face 2017-10-24 11:00:00Z 0
Last call: Shape your club's future 2017-10-18 11:00:00Z 0

Lighting up the rich cultural diversity of Porirua

Diwali is the festival of lights celebrated every year spiritually signifying the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, and hope over despair. Due to Rotary's diverse membership and close association with the community, many Rotary clubs hold or support these celebrations and this year Porirua Rotary has held their first Diwali event.
Lighting up the rich cultural diversity of Porirua 2017-10-16 11:00:00Z 0

Natasha Prendergast – Youth Exchange 2007 to Canada , now a member of Rotary Takapuna North 2017

A Rotary Alumni Feature Story
Although a shy high school student, I had a passion for languages, different cultures and a huge desire to explore the world. But I lacked confidence, held a lot of fear, felt like I didn’t have a voice nor knew who I was.  However, I did know deep-down this wasn’t the person I was meant to be. I needed help, guidance and a catalyst to become my true self and I knew travelling was the answer.
Picture: Natasha on her Prom Night
Natasha Prendergast – Youth Exchange 2007 to Canada , now a member of Rotary Takapuna North 2017 2017-10-04 11:00:00Z 0

Making a difference stories

The road towards eradicating polio has required lateral thinking: The road to eradicating polio has been a long and difficult one. Here are five interesting things you may not know about the fight to end polio.
Started in 2015, Havelock North Rotart return to complete a hospital project in Vanuatu.  Ambae one of 80 islands in Vanuatu but is currently being evacuated due to volcanic activity.
A sensational Winemakers Lunch that has done so much over ten years.  The attraction of the lunch is not just the food and wine, it is also the high interest in the messages of the high quality guest speakers and ultimately in the good done in the local community.
Rotary on the Move provides useful advice for Rotarians.   This has a membership focus and is very practical.
Making a difference stories 2017-10-03 11:00:00Z 0

Rez Gardi - Empowering Youth Leaders

A Rotary Alumni Feature Story
You don’t expect to hear someone like Rez Gardi say their experience at a Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) programme was challenging.  However, she admits RYLA challenges you to get outside of your comfort zone and she had no idea what to expect, walking in to a room full of strangers on the first day.
“Comfort zone” isn’t a phrase used when describing Rez’s early life.  Her family is Kurdish and her parents’ families had settled in Iran to escape persecution.  They became political activists, fighting for Kurdish rights and independence and as tensions escalated in Iran they fled, with their two children, to Pakistan.  The family spent the next nine years in the refugee camp of Quetta, where Rez was born and were finally resettled in New Zealand in 1998.
Rez Gardi - Empowering Youth Leaders 2017-10-03 11:00:00Z 0

Work life in the balance

Vocational service is one of the distinguishing characteristics of Rotary. 
The workplace is being reshaped by data science and technology, traditional jobs are fast being replaced with jobs that require new skillsets. The work future will require a whole new approach to education, training and recruitment.
Rotary District 9940 is a major sponsor and supporter of the Work in Progress conference being held in Wellington in early November, which is looking at the changing nature of work.
Work life in the balance 2017-10-02 11:00:00Z 0
HELP the people of Ambae Island currently experiencing a major disaster event. 2017-09-29 11:00:00Z 0

School of St Judes fights poverty through education in Tanzania

Posted by Alex and Wendy McKenzie
In 2002 Gemma Sisia started the School of St Jude in Arusha, Tanzania with 3 pupils and staffed by volunteers. 14 years later the school has a primary and a secondary campus, two boarding establishments, educates around 1,800 students and employs more than 250 fulltime local staff including teachers, cleaners, cooks, security guards, bus drivers and maintenance personnel. This is a truly inspirational story and one that would not have happened with the support of many Rotarians and Rotary clubs.
School of St Judes fights poverty through education in Tanzania Alex and Wendy McKenzie 2017-09-28 11:00:00Z 0

I joined to do good and Rotary delivered

Doing good in the community is the main reason most join Rotary and there is never a lack of projects in the club and out in the wider Rotary world that people can become involved in.  No experience needed, just enthusiasm.
The following is a few pictures from a recent Pacific project followed by a description.  This serves as an example of what can be done through Rotary.
I joined to do good and Rotary delivered 2017-09-13 12:00:00Z 0

The challenge is ... CHANGE

Rotary Symposium (or Conference) in Auckland was very good.  Most would say it was more than that … it was fantastic.  Certainly those who attended the Future Leaders Forum were universally ‘blown away’ with the quality of the programme and the scope and scale of Rotary they were exposed to. However it is described, it was a game changer at a time when change and our need to be willing to embrace it is an imperative.
The challenge is ... CHANGE 2017-09-12 12:00:00Z 0
We are people of action 2017-09-11 12:00:00Z 0

Great results with an amazing collaboration effort involving so many

It was a busy Rotary day in Dunedin on just the second day of Spring, despite some not very friendly weather!

Rotary Youth Exchange applicants, along with the current group of hosted students, gathered at Berwick Lodge for the weekend full of activities, evaluations, assessments information and fun. The District 9980's RYE Committee once again organised a very successful weekend that for many of these young people is the beginning of a great life adventure.

Just along the road, the combined Dunedin Clubs, Mosgiel, Taieri, Milton and Balclutha spent much of the day planting trees at the Sinclair Wetlands. In a project coordinated by Assistant Governor Claire Ramsay, hundreds of native trees and shrubs were planted - a great response to Rotary International President Ian Riseley's request to plant at least one tree for each Rotarian.
The RYE students came and joined in, and there was also a great turnout from the Rotaract Club - needless to say, a bit of mud got thrown around and a great time was had by all!
Great results with an amazing collaboration effort involving so many 2017-09-03 12:00:00Z 0

37,530,545 volunteer hours!

68,055 projects  
37,530,545 volunteer hours  
2,469,011 people involved  
US$564,986,628 funds contributed  
US$320,969,437 donated in kind goods and services  
These are the projects displayed on Rotary Showcase website and represent only a fraction of the projects done in Rotary.  Have a look and you will be in awe of the variety and depth of the projects Rotary clubs engage in and the thing to remember is that these are all clubs just like the one in your local community.
37,530,545 volunteer hours! 2017-09-01 12:00:00Z 0
Your local Rotary club is an inspiration - join in today 2017-09-01 12:00:00Z 0

Pictures tell an exciting story

"This Close" to eradicating Polio - Seeto family with Melbourne Harley Riders submitted by Ron Seeto (Newmarket Rotary) who never misses a chance to promote Polio Eradication!  Rotarians do take pride in what they achieve and take the opportunities that arise, even when travelling, to promote Rotary and Rotary causes such as the global polio eradication initiative we are all so proud of.
Pictures tell an exciting story 2017-08-26 12:00:00Z 0

Help create a positive impression of Rotary in the community through photography

[See some of the submissions at: ... this collection is over but do not stop taking the photos and sending them in.]
Saturday 19 August is World Photography Day!
Help create a positive impression of Rotary in the community through photography
Send to your best Rotary photo with a comment as to what is it and we will display these next week on the Rotary New Zealand website.
Help create a positive impression of Rotary in the community through photography 2017-08-17 12:00:00Z 0

Farm experience for international students

The Rotary Club of Hamilton East, New Zealand, has been organising a farm visit for the international students of the University of Waikato every year for more than 20 years.   
The farm, owned by Club member Neville Woodcock and his wife Carole,  is one of the largest sheep and beef farms in Hamilton with over 2,000 sheep and 300 cows. The cattle breed is Angus, famous for premium quality meat.  
The purpose of the farm visit is to provide a real kiwi farm experience to international students as most of the students come of the countries where farming is not common and many of them have not visited a farm before.
Farm experience for international students 2017-08-04 12:00:00Z 0
Follow Rotary International President's Fiji Visit on Facebook 2017-08-02 12:00:00Z 0

Discover what's new in Rotary Club Central

The new and improved Rotary Club Central is finally here. Navigate more easily with our modern interface, and use this essential planning tool on you mobile phone or tablet. You can also quickly track service activity and see your past and current club data in easy-to-read charts and graphs.
 fb fb fb fb
Discover what's new in Rotary Club Central 2017-07-31 12:00:00Z 0

Shared pathway now a stunning community asset

The West Harbour Beautification Project by the Rotary Club of Dunedin, with support from the the Rotary Club of Dunedin North, involves the creation of exercise opportunities along the 2.3 km stretch of the West Harbour Shared Pathway between the Dunedin Boat Harbour and Maia. 
The project also includes beautification of the area by planting native shrubs. The project has an estimated cost of $200,000 and all labour is being provided by Rotarians, their friends and families and TaskForce Green.  The design of the project has been carried out by Mick Field who is a landscape architect and he is doing the work as a volunteer.  He has been made an Honorary Member of our Club for his involvement in this project.
Shared pathway now a stunning community asset 2017-07-28 12:00:00Z 0

Year 4's excited at receiving their dictionary?


Marton Rotary has for several years been giving Usborne Dictionary Dictionaries to pupils in seven schools in Bulls and Marton, to the excitement of the students and gratitude of teachers who speak of the value of these dictionaries as a valuable tool and teaching aid.

The dictionaries are specially designed for children of the Year 4 age group. With more than 1000 colour illustrations accompanying 10,000 entries and 25,000 definitions, and easy to read text students eagerly anticipate receiving their copy as they reach Year 4.    Pictured are students at South Makirikiri School.
Year 4's excited at receiving their dictionary? 2017-07-26 12:00:00Z 0

Tree Planting Marks a Centennial of Doing Good in the World

A hundred years of ‘doing good in the world’ was celebrated on Sunday as the five Nelson City Rotary Clubs planted a grove of trees to mark the centennial of the Rotary Foundation.
Around fifty members of the Nelson, Nelson West, Rutherford, Stoke-Tahunanui and Whakatu clubs, along with family and supporters, used a brief window of fine weather to plant 280 native trees, shrubs and plants just west of the skating rink at Tahunanui Beach. They also let off 100 blue and yellow balloons and unveiled a plaque on a bench seat commemorating the Foundation centennial planting.
Tree Planting Marks a Centennial of Doing Good in the World  2017-07-03 12:00:00Z 0


Lincoln and Districts Community Care have their headquarters at 16 Lyttelton Street Lincoln and have been caring for communities surrounding Lincoln in the Selwyn District for just on 40 years.
The impetus to establish Community Care Lincoln came about in August 1977, when two Tai Tapu ladies who were Red Cross volunteers approached the Lincoln Medical Centre, requesting that rural families should be given support like those in need in the city were receiving.
$1.2 billion pledged to end polio 2017-06-12 12:00:00Z 0

Cashmere Rotary Club helps out after Kaikoura Earthquake

After a chance meeting of the Richmond and the Cashmere Rotary Clubs earlier in the year, it was agreed the clubs should join together to assist the people from the Kaikoura area post-earthquake.
This was to happen from 7th to 10th April. Seventeen members from Cashmere made themselves available but unfortunately this was postponed because of flooding and road closures in the area due to cyclone Debbie.
The visit for the Cashmere team was rescheduled for three days from 29 April to 1 May.Nine members were available to attend on this weekend.
Cashmere Rotary Club helps out after Kaikoura Earthquake 2017-06-06 12:00:00Z 0

Young professionals join thanks to RYLA

“A large part of my university experience was going on RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award programme) and then helping out afterwards, and this was probably the most significant thing that led me to apply for my scholarship. It's really nice to see friends and club members keeping such a strong connection!” – Dr Oscar Lyons

Oscar is studying in Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship and has just been appointed Junior Dean. After RYLA, he and several other participants (Michelle, Felicity, Emma to name some) joined Rotary and as young professionals have made an invaluable contribution to their club where they have given back to the RYLA programme as part of the organising team as well as participating in many other club projects, often as the project leaders.

Young professionals join thanks to RYLA 2017-06-05 12:00:00Z 0
General Information re Avonhead Rotary 2017-06-05 12:00:00Z 0

Visiting New Zealand for the Rugby?


Are you a Rotarian visiting New Zealand to watch some Rugby and enjoy the sights?
We have clubs in almost every community so drop in to a meeting and meet the locals.  You will be made most welcome; and get the locals advice as to the best sights, restaurants etc.  We are a global organisation so let's also share insights into the best projects and Rotary here and in your part of the world.
Most of all have fun.
Visiting New Zealand for the Rugby? 2017-05-29 12:00:00Z 0

Rotary New Zealand now on LinkedIn - connect with us

Rotary New Zealand (Rotary in New Zealand and the Pacific) has now joined LinkedIn and the link address is
Initially, this is to promote Rotary in our region to the business community as part of the National Publicity and Membership Campaign being primarily run via the Rotary New Zealand Facebook page but moving forward it is hoped that Rotarians and those who wish to specifically want to associate with Rotary will connect with this page.  After all, business/vocational networking was the foundation of Rotary.
LinkedIn operates the world’s largest professional network on the Internet with more than 500 million members in over 200 countries and territories.
Rotary New Zealand now on LinkedIn - connect with us 2017-05-01 00:00:00Z 0
Calling all Rotary clubs - Join the publicity revolution starting 1 May 2017-04-29 00:00:00Z 0

Dining in Style Despite the Big Wet


Not even the prospect of heavy rain could spoil the planned Riverside Dinner last Saturday. Because of the forecast of rain, the joint organisers, Warkworth Lions and Mahurangi Rotary, wisely moved the event to the planned wet weather location, New World undercover car park.

The carpark was transformed into a 240 seat banqueting hall where over 200 diners enjoyed a roast dinner followed by a selection of desserts. During the meal  entertainment was provided by Warkworth Brass Band as they played their wide repertoire of Big Band music. Decoration of the dining area with ships flags and various maritime memorabilia including anchors, oars, lifebelts, navigation lights etc. gave a nautical atmosphere to the event. 

Dining in Style Despite the Big Wet 2017-04-13 00:00:00Z 0

If I had a water buffalo

Sustainability within projects is vital to keep in place the advantages doing the project in the first place brings to those in need.  But sometimes it is an advantage to revisit how we view the creation of sustainability. 
This is an exceptionally interesting example of this and well worth a quick read.  It relates to a project intended to provide literacy for children yet a water buffalo was the best solution!
If I had a water buffalo 2017-03-28 00:00:00Z 0

A global Rotaract club  from NZ

Just as Rotary has become flexible in the format it offers, so has Rotaract.  The Rotary E-Club 9920 Francophone sponsored the now very popular and successful e-Club, Rotaract Club World One 9920 shown here giving a hand together to an NGO helping the people in need in Provence.
The week commencing 13 March is Rotary's World Rotaract Week and a time to acknowledge the substantial work in the community done by the nine Rotaract clubs in New Zealand plus the four in the Pacific Islands.  These young women and men really know how to engage with their communities, particularly with the youth of those communities.  Their common interest means they form lasting friendships with their own age group both at home and world wide.  If you know a young adult wanting to expand their network of contacts and friends as well as doing good in their community please encourage them to contact a local club - details via 
A global Rotaract club from NZ 2017-03-15 00:00:00Z 0

Pop Up Playground brought huge smiles

The Pop Up Playground family fun day at Ellerslie Racecourse run by the Rotary clubs of Auckland on Sunday 20 February put a smile on so many faces.  The kids and their families had a wonderful time and it was fantastic to see so many turn up. 
There was a magnificent atmosphere on the day with Rotarians mingling with families who were interested in what Rotary does. Some of the highlights included the Police performing group, Chiefs and Blues rugby players, JP the clown, China dance groups, Tai Chi, Hip Hop, school groups and a Taiwan Aboriginal Dance. There were also farm animals, soap box carts, kite making, volleyball, a sports zone plus inflatable slides and car display.
Pop Up Playground brought huge smiles 2017-03-03 00:00:00Z 0

E-club active using global grants

The Rotary E-CLUB 9920 FRANCOPHONE works for Maternal and Child Health Care

The ROTARY E-CLUB 9920 FRANCOPHONE (“non-virtual”) has participated in an International Project "Global Grant" as Primary International Partner, with the Rotary Club of Chaiprakan (D.3360) as Host Club, and the Rotary Club of Schwetzingen-Walldorf (D.1860 in Germany), the Rotary Club of Suntec City (in Singapore, D.3310), and the Rotary Club of Patumwan (in Bangkok-Thailand, D.3350) as Secondary International Partners to fully equip a “Mother and Child Health Care Center", thus enabling future mothers and newborns of the mountain populations in northern Thailand (in Chaiprakan) not to be completely isolated during the long rainy season; this Project will significantly reduce peri-natal and neonatal mortality and morbidity, fully in line with at least 1 of the 6 Focus of Rotary International. But all of this could be done only with the help of The Rotary Foundation. On the picture: members of some of the Rotary Clubs participating in this International Project, along with representatives of the Community, during the Hand Over Ceremony.

E-club active using global grants 2017-02-28 00:00:00Z 0

Do you enjoy travelling and meeting others?

The International Travel and Hosting Fellowship exists to promote and facilitate regional, national and international "connections" between its members. ITHF members travel to all different parts of the world and host members from all other parts. Members' lives are enriched by these connections and cross cultural exchanges.

That’s the elevator speech you find on, and here’s what those words mean in application.  Jim and I joined ITHF 6 years ago ...
Do you enjoy travelling and meeting others? 2017-02-14 00:00:00Z 0


Palmerston North Interactors are continuing to help Red Cross support refugees arriving in their community by helping to sort household goods for refugee houses.   In March they will be helping set up, dish up, clean up afterwards and participate in a 400 person refugee lunch. 
Interactors 2017-02-14 00:00:00Z 0

Mike Webb Profile

Mike was brought up in Middlesex and went to school in Harrow (the grammar school at the bottom of the hill)  he was involved with his church as a senior server, a keen member of the scout group and continued to play rugby.
Mike served his articles in London and qualified as a Chartered Accountant. He then moved to the West Country and heads a practice in Wells.
Mike joined the Rotary Club of Mendip in 1976 and has had most jobs in the club (except Treasurer), he was President in 1981-82 and became District Treasurer for five years from !986 then after two years as Vice Chairman Mike was District Governor in 1994-95. Mike led a Group Study Exchange team to New Zealand in 1991.
With other club members Mike has made a number of charity films for Sightsavers and other charities in India, Bangladesh, Kenya, Malawi and in GB and I.
He sat as a Justice of the Peace for ten years and now serves his community as Trustee, Treasurer or Auditor for many charitable and sports organisations nationally and locally.
Mike Webb Profile 2017-02-07 00:00:00Z 0
2017-2018 Rotary Year Theme Announced 2017-01-16 00:00:00Z 0

New, modern look for

Check out’s modern, new look, our public-facing website, has a fresh, contemporary look that clearly answers the often-asked question: “What is Rotary?” It’s the first step in a two-part update to our entire website: first, and then My Rotary. See what's changed.

New, modern look for 2017-01-15 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary Scholars are a Rotary success story

Jessica came to NZ this year on a Rotary Foundation Global Grant scholarship from Virginia.  She earned a Master of Teaching in Learning to be a high school English teacher from Canterbury University but what has been most memorable and life-changing for her has been the experience of living abroad. “Along with all the tramps and travel in this stunningly beautiful country it is almost a case of where have I NOT been?”
Rotary Scholars are a Rotary success story 2016-12-08 00:00:00Z 0

Thanks from the Kids

Thank you so much for supporting Red Nose Day 2016 for Cure Kids!

Cure Kids were thrilled to announce that, thanks to generous Kiwis like you, $748,000 has been raised so far, which will go towards funding vital child health research.
Rotary Clubs across New Zealand got involved this Red Nose Day by holding fundraisers within their clubs, collecting donations during club meetings, running social media ads, as well as offering merchandise to people at their local shopping centres and supermarkets.
Thanks from the Kids 2016-12-06 00:00:00Z 0
Looking forward - what do we want to achieve? 2016-12-04 00:00:00Z 0

Walking Stars and more

Members of the Rotary clubs of St Johns, Franklin and Manukau City Sunrise (some pictured here) have recently participated in ‘Walking Stars’ for cancer research. As Alex McKenzie said, "Just over 4 hours half marathon walk thru inner city Auckland - night life we don't normally see!!!"
In weekly walks preparing for the event, not only have the participants improved their own health and fitness, but they have welcomed any others including family and friends to join in even if not actually taking part in the event itself. This is yet another illustration of the camaraderie that Rotarians build together that motivates them to become involved in a wide range of activity that benefits those in need. The fellowship that resulted was amazing and the publicity for the clubs and for Rotary was huge ... getting the Rotary brand out into as many events as possible does us all good.
Walking Stars and more 2016-11-28 00:00:00Z 0

Hands on to help the homeless

The mission? To raise upwards of $150,000 to $200,000 for the Breathing Space Southland Trust, which oversees a night shelter established in 2013 for Invercargill’s homeless.
A number of clubs in Invercargill joined forces for this project where there was an emphasis on Rotarians contributing their vocational skills in the organisation and building of the houses and only paying for professional services to fill skill gaps.
Hands on to help the homeless 2016-11-22 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary Acknowledged

At the Friday 18 November dinner for Cure Kids ‘Celebrating 45 years of breakthroughs in child health research’, Cure Kids member representing Rotary, Past District Governor Beryl Robinson accepted on behalf of Rotary in New Zealand and the Pacific a Cure Kids Founder Award as recognition by Cure Kids for Rotary’s role as founder in 1971 (to celebrate 50 years of Rotary in NZ) and as an on-going partner of Cure Kids.


Beryl received this special plaque for Rotary, and replied that Rotary continues to have a close relationship with Cure Kids, as Rotarians are on the board, researchers and staff, plus of course all of the fundraising and event participation support that comes year after year from Rotary clubs and individual Rotarians. Rotary is extremely proud of Cure Kids achievements, so we will continue supporting Cure Kids.

Rotary Acknowledged 2016-11-21 00:00:00Z 0

November 2016 Earthquakes

In the early hours of Monday 14 November 2016 there were two severe earthquakes in the remote Kaikoura area of the South Island (Rotary District 9970) of New Zealand.  There has been substantial damage in the region, particularly to infrastructure such as access via roads and rail.  Some damage was also caused in the Wellington region (Rotary District 9940).
While significant and devastating these earthquakes are in a remote area of New Zealand and the rest of New Zealand is 'open for business'. Despite these and the 2011 Christchurch earthquakes these are rare events ... just real bad luck to have two events within a few years. Rotary will no doubt play a substantial role in helping the communities affected over time but no initial Rotary emergency response has been needed with this being organised via Civil Defence and other Government agencies.
There have been many expressions of concern and messages of support from around the world to Districts 9970 and 9940 and these are appreciated.
District 9970 Governor Arie and RNZWCS Stuart Batty will visit Kaikoura and the region when the roads reopen and meet with community leaders as there is no Rotary Club in Kaikoura or the region.  While initially it may be difficult to reach Kaikoura itself, Cheviot, Culverden and Waipara region are likely first stops.
They will endeavour to establish a Rotary Community Corp amongst them to assist Rotary in providing support for the reestablishment of community initiatives. If the same pattern follows that of Christchurch following their earthquakes, there will be a number of groups in need of assistance particularly around the welfare and wider needs of children and young persons. Rotary is aware that Lions International is very active in Kaikoura and will contact them with a view to collaboration.
Following inquiries from within New Zealand and overseas an Appeal has been set up
Rotary New Zealand will be working with members of the New Zealand Disaster Relief Forum to provide any support that is called for. Any specific concerns as to welfare of people etc. email   
Kaikoura and surrounding districts which is in District 9970 does not have a Rotary club. Appeal funds will be distributed to community activities resultant from the Earthquake as approved by District Governor 9970.
Four Donation Options Quoting Activity No. 999
Internet Banking              Westpac 03 1702 0192208 01  -  Swift Code WPACNZ2W  IBAN Code  031702
Paypal at          
Give a Little at 
Cheque to                   RNZWCS Limited (Rotary New Zealand), PO Box 20309, Christchurch 8543
For more information email or our contacts listed on
Further updates will be posted on as appropriate as Rotary’s involvement in the recovery occurs over the coming months.
Of interest:
The Rotary International Board of Directors has authorized the formation of the Disaster Network of Assistance – Rotarian Action Group. The DNA-RAG provides advice and support for all aspects of disasters ranging from preparedness through long term recovery. DNA-RAG can be contacted for assistance by email at
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Rotary project inspires

Way back in May 2016 Darrell Phillips was a judge at the Plimmerton Rotary Rotary Best Speaker Awards, a speech contest for adults with special needs.  He was so inspired by the experience that he write about the contest for his Toastmasters club and it then went on to be published in the Toastmasters International magazine  (read here).  This is an example of the great publicity Rotary can get from its projects and all participants in our projects should be encouraged to share their experiences to their own networks.
This story was also published in the August issue of Rotary Down Under magazine.  Contestant Samuel Goddard is pictured presenting his speech.
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11 Christchurch clubs keep the 360 Trail open for all

Eleven Rotary clubs in the Christchurch area have combined to maintain the Christchurch 360 Trail which is a 140 kms long walking/cycle track that goes around Christchurch, NZ. Recently the 360 Trail Committee took part in the Breeze Walking Festival and 20 people walked the trail in eight days. It was no mean feat. Rotarians provided “tail end Charlies”, co-ordinators and a BBQ for lunch on the longest section of the trail.
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A Rotary tabloid that impressed the community

As Rotarians, we are a network of inspired individuals who translate our passions into relevant social causes to change lives in local and international communities.
We provide service to others, promote integrity, and advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through our fellowship of business, professional, and community leaders.
We are the backbone of our city and district, we care about our people and we make a difference. Why are we successful? What makes us stand out from the crowd? Through the five Rotary Clubs in Rotorua, what have we achieved locally and internationally?
These were the questions we wanted answered to inform the people of Rotorua of what the five Rotary Clubs have done in Rotorua in the past, the present and what future plans we have that will benefit the local community. 
We are all very good at getting on with the project or task in hand. However, we are not so good at telling our success stories and how we make a difference! So some means needed to be found ... and was.

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Edible school garden project grows funding and sponsors

New sponsors and support were the extra bonus of our recent Westhaven Rotary project aimed at providing local primary school students in Auckland, NZ with attractive and productive edible gardens. “Not only did we achieve a significant upgrade to the school’s edible gardens that the students will enjoy for years to come, we also attracted major sponsors, including Bunnings Warehouse and Countdown supermarket, who then engaged more sponsors on our behalf,” says Rex Billington, President of the Rotary Club of Westhaven.
The project aimed to bring new life to the school gardens that had fallen into disuse by refilling the existing planter boxes, creating an all-weather path around the garden and filling the boxes with edible plants that the students could eat.

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Empty shops for Rotary?

In looking for a new way to ‘go to the people’ and inform them about Rotary in their area Rotarians in Dargaville and Whangarei, NZ noted there were vacant shops in their local shopping areas that of they could create a display in would place them firmly amongst the crowds out shopping.  So the Rotary ‘Pop-Up Shop’ was born.

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Winners all 'round

From small, tentative beginnings in 2001 The Howick Rotary Club’s "Bookarama", second-hand book fair has grown into a major local event and fundraiser which has provided a win win win  for everyone.  It is not many Rotary projects which have a list of a dozen winners.
The first winner is the environment which benefits from the relocation of some 25,000 pre-loved books with new owners and the appropriate recycling of over 5 tonnes of waste paper rather than its consignment to landfill.
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Rotary Fellowships come in all shapes and sizes and most Rotarians would benefit from including one of these into their Rotary mix.  Say no more.  Picture from Cruising Rotarians web .
More on Rotary Recreational Fellowships HERE and if there isn't one there for you ... start one.
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CHEFing Children of leprosy sufferers

The children of leprosy sufferers are often need a helping hand and Rotary club in New Zealand and individual Rotarians have helped sponsor some of these children to a better future.  The picture here is of RNZWCS Stuart Batty with Sister Agatha of the Rehabilitation home and Monica, a student sponsored by East Coast Bays Rotary.
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World Polio Day 2016

Rotary members in New Zealand will be among thousands worldwide reaching out during the week commencing on World Polio Day,  24th October 2016, to raise awareness, funds and support to end polio – a vaccine preventable disease that still threatens children in parts of the world today.  
Since Rotary and its partners launched the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) nearly 30 years ago, the incidence of polio has plummeted by more than 99.9 percent, from about 350,000 cases a year to 26 confirmed as of 19th September 2016.
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Rotary Twin Exchange opened doors to a bright future 2016-10-17 00:00:00Z 0

A career-changing experience

It's been just short of five years since I returned back to the U.S. after my life-changing time as a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar to New Zealand. Prior to my time in NZ, which started in February 2011, I was pretty insistent on a career as a health practitioner but my experiences in New Zealand changed my future direction dramatically ... for the better.

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I could have been a refugee ... instead I became a Rotarian 2016-10-17 00:00:00Z 0


The Rotary E-Club of WASH has just chartered, and, while its meetings might be held in cyberspace, its roots are distinctly and terrestrially Kiwi. Its home base is Dunedin, and it’s sponsored by two District 9980 clubs: Dunedin and Dunedin East.

The WASH – water, sanitation and hygiene – E-Club is the brainchild of Rotarian, and former Dunedin club president, Dr Steve Atkins. Inaugural e-club president Dr Chris Bloore has also paid tribute to assistant governor Lesley Brook, who, he says, has contributed an “enormous amount of work” in bringing the club to life.

Rotary Alumni: A bond of friendship (and a new wife)

Wesley chose to come to New Zealand for his Ambassadorial Scholarship because it “offered the environment that I was looking for along with outdoor activities”.  He was joined during the year by his girlfriend and they found that the “Kiwi’s” embraced them and they quickly formed a bond of friendship with the country and their host Rotary club.  Their stay was meant to be one year and they ended up staying five. 
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Simply Inspirational - Rotary Alumni achieves much

"I am on a cyclical journey with Rotary that keeps on giving and is an important part of my life”. – Robbie Francis.
Robbie’s experiences have contributed to an amazing project developing a culture of disability inclusiveness through environmentally, ethically and economically sustainable trade with this illustrated by the documentary at:  
For more on her Rotary journey …
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We are interested ... are you

Did you take part in a Rotary programme and enjoy it?  Thinking back, was there some part of it that changed you or opened an new opportunity you would not otherwise have had ... or you have a positive experience that is interesting.
Please send this to us, along with a picture if possible of you or some activity while on the programme.  We are not expecting a finely written prose or long (a paragraph would be OK) ... if, in your own words (even bullet points), you are willing to share with others so more people will be inspired to become involved with Rotary's programmes we would be delighted. 
Did you take part in and of Rotary's youth leadership or exchange, vocational or scholarship programmes?  Send to
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October is Economic and Community Development Month

Rotary supports investments in people to create measurable and enduring economic improvement in their lives and communities.
The Rotary Foundation enables Rotarians to invest in people by creating sustainable, measurable and long term economic improvements in their communities and livelihoods by :
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Rotary Ingenuity Saving 100’s of Mothers’ & Babies Lives

Take one passionate, determined Australasian Vocational Training Team, add backing from District 9980, throw in a Rotary Foundation global grant, and what do you get?
Mindboggling” progress in Mongolia’s maternal health system – and hundreds of mothers’ and babies’ lives already being saved each year, thanks to a very special delivery: childbirth education.
Rotary Ingenuity Saving 100’s of Mothers’ & Babies Lives 2016-09-26 00:00:00Z 0

Staying Alive - 2016 Big NZ Blood Pressure Check Day

Great to see Rotarians across New Zealand supporting Stroke Awareness Day by facilitating blood pressure checks on 1 October.  Remember the song ‘Staying Alive’? You want to stay that way? Strokes kill far too many people and are preventable which is why Rotary is supporting the national 2016 Big NZ Blood Pressure Check Day.


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EUREKA!  Fostering tomorrows scientists

Would you care to learn about the potential for “Synthetic Spider Silk”, “Placebos vs. Nocebos”, or how about “Struvite Crystallisation”?   Then, plan to join in next year’s EUREKA! Awards.
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Rotary supports activities and training to improve education for all children and literacy for children and adults.

The Rotary Foundation enables Rotarians to ensure that all people have sustainable access to basic education and literacy by:
1. Involving the community to support programs that strengthen the capacity of communities to provide basic education and literacy to all;
2. Increasing adult literacy in communities;
3. Working to reduce gender disparity in education;
4. Supporting studies for career-minded professionals related to basic education and literacy.
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Welcome to Rotary New Zealand & Pacific Islands

Are you an established professional who wants to make positive changes in your community and the world? Our club members are dedicated people who share a passion for community service and friendship. Becoming a Rotarian connects you with a diverse group who share your drive to give back.
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