This is a series of practical guides to help 'non-experts' produce expert results.
Click on the picture and note that many work together.  For example, you take a picture to go with the article that you send to the media but you also use that picture in your website Stories and on Facebook.  Then you reuse the same picture but with added Rotary wheel and some text as a header for your club bulletin and /or your club website Home Page.  Over time a collection on pictures becomes the basis for an interesting picture carousel on your club website Home Page that attracts volunteers to your project ... but how do you manage this additional person-power?
The guides are in Word and are safe to download.  This enables you to use these as you choose for the purpose of improving your Rotary publicity.  The guides are a starting point and where appropriate reference should be made to the ClubRunner Help function and Rotary International resources, in particular the Brand Centre.  If you have suggestions for improvement and / or for additional guides please email or contact your District PR Committee.  The file names show the date of last edit and the document author.  Also have a look at  
Resource Description Download from here
Overview of what good publicity practices in a club are Download in Word
Some techniques for writing  stories for use on club websites, bulletins, social media and external media Download in Word
Some techniques techniques for taking great photos to use with stories or in your own graphics
Download in Word
Writing an engaging and informative bulletin (newsletter) is not a big task.  Here are some techniques including how to spread the load and get to the right people (and get read).
Social media is the easiest way to reach your community and this helps clubs get started through using Facebook
How do you find and contact other Rotarians?  How do you find and contact those in club or district positions?  What is the best way to mass communicate with Rotarians outside your club?  Who do you contact in time of an emergency?  This Snapshot guide will help. Download in Word
Getting local external media to include your club news can be a challenge.  This may help with some tips to get started.
The Clubrunner website platform is an immensely powerful publicity and administration tool for clubs. This supplements the Help guides in Clubrunner with additional practical tips.
The Homepage of the club website is the most stable and important publicity location of the club. This guide helps to ensure the page always is current and looking well maintained but with a minimal effort needed to do this.
Resizing picture, adding effects and adding text and  Rotary logos improves the appearance and options for use of any picture.  Here is how.
Download in Word
Moving picture carousels add interest to webpages and also help make them look well maintained.  Although involving quantities of pictures there are ways to do this quickly and easily.  See also how to personalise pictures guide. Download in Word
Taking short videos is easy but it is also straightforward to turn these into publicity clips for the club to use on websites and social media.  Find out how. Download in PDF
Impress with a display banner at projects and events using picture techniques explained in other guides and the services of a local printer.
Video guide to creating a display banner.  This also is an example of creating a video.  Available on Rotary Oceania's You Tube Channel
Club capacity (helping hands) can limit the scale of projects that are possible.  The capacity to do larger projects can be enhanced by inviting more volunteers from outside the club and this guide has pointers on how to effectively manage these volunteers to the project gets done and the volunteers have a great experience.
Download in Word
Throughout these SnapShot guides please make sure you use the correct branding and colours.  It is not hard!  This guide is also available from the Brand Center  (log in may be needed)
Logos from (log in may be needed)
Creating People of Action graphics is easy.
 Brand Center (log in may be needed)
Another option for greater personalisation is at (NOTE - this is not an approved Rotary App)