Monthly Themes
Using the Rotary months, programme organisers,  bulletin editors, publicity coordinators and others can focus speakers and publicity to support Rotary International's programme and showcase the club's activities in those areas.
A series of graphics for Facebook Headers have been provided for use by clubs by Andrew Mahoney (9940) on the proviso that if used clubs either:
(1) Use them consistently month to month and create a post on why Rotary does this and how it benefits the community; or
(2) Use them to highlight a project they are doing within that month or the month after that relates to the themes.
Copy and save from below these as needed. Hi-res png files are available from Documents on this website. There is a choice of blue or grey to use according to your preference.
The more clubs that use these the better as this creates a consistency of branding.
These are the correct size ratio for use as Facebook Headers so save each picture to your computer and upload in the relevant month to your Rotary Facebook page.
Please note also that there are PowerPoint presentations for the months of January, March, June, November, December (as per theme months for 2020) that can be found for download under Documents via the Member Area.
October to December graphics can be found HERE  (webpage ran out of room).