Throughout the Rotary clubs of New Zealand and the seven Pacific Island nations of Rotary Oceania there are community minded men and women working on a variety of projects benefiting their communities. They come from a wide range of backgrounds and lifestyles.
Some may be students in an Interact club or young adults through Rotaract or as Rotarians.  Others are Rotarians (including couples) engaged in their chosen vocations or maybe have retired or involved in some form of community role.  Other support their local clubs or  wider Rotary programmes as they have the time without the need to commit to ongoing volunteer hours.
So, Rotary provides opportunities for people to participate in a number of different ways. Follow the links for more information:
The above is a good staring point for building some very interesting community service into your lifestyle and meeting heaps of wonderful people along the way.  Contact us to explore how you and Rotary may work together.