“A large part of my university experience was going on RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award programme) and then helping out afterwards, and this was probably the most significant thing that led me to apply for my scholarship. It's really nice to see friends and club members keeping such a strong connection!” – Dr Oscar Lyons

Oscar is studying in Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship and has just been appointed Junior Dean. After RYLA, he and several other participants (Michelle, Felicity, Emma to name some) joined Rotary and as young professionals have made an invaluable contribution to their club where they have given back to the RYLA programme as part of the organising team as well as participating in many other club projects, often as the project leaders.

They have gained through these projects the broad-based skills required for success ranging from planning, budgeting and promotion through to leading others on the day to a successful conclusion. And this is just a start to what they are learning.  The modern format of Rotary has enabled them the flexibility to be Rotarians despite busy personal lives and developing their careers; they get to club meetings whenever possible but much of their involvement in Rotary is through projects.  By way of example Michelle, Felicity and Emma were among a group of younger Rotarians who were responsible for running the day programme at this year's Rotary Youth Programme of Enrichment, a live-inleadership development camp for, this year, 87 secondary school students.