Rotary has partnered with The Good Sell to raise $15k for our international project, ‘End Polio Now’. This has been one of our longest standing fights and for more than 3 years, wild polio cases have only been seen in two countries, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. For Rotary international and our partners to continue this hard work to eradicate polio worldwide we need your help and it is easy and very useful for you as described below:
All you must do to support this campaign is hop on over to The Good Sell and use your anyways money! What’s your anyways money? Well, if you’ve been meaning to replace that microwave or get a new air fryer, why not pop on over to The Good Sell where you can sell, shop, and donate together.
For each item you purchase, the seller will choose to donate either 25%, 50%, 75% or even 100%.
Go check out and support our campaign. Add your email address, put in a password then you will be set up to add your item on the page.
LETS GET GOING EVERYONE..... Raising funds eliminates this disease from the world !