Marton Rotary has for several years been giving Usborne Dictionary Dictionaries to pupils in seven schools in Bulls and Marton, to the excitement of the students and gratitude of teachers who speak of the value of these dictionaries as a valuable tool and teaching aid.

The dictionaries are specially designed for children of the Year 4 age group. With more than 1000 colour illustrations accompanying 10,000 entries and 25,000 definitions, and easy to read text students eagerly anticipate receiving their copy as they reach Year 4.    Pictured are students at South Makirikiri School.
These often are the first book some the children have at home and especially the first one that belongs to them and their copy remains with them as they move through their school and onto any other school. The dictionaries have helped improve literacy rates and with many parents, many of who suffer reading difficulties themselves, also reporting reading their child’s copy, improving multi-generational literacy.
Inside the dictionary, personalised with their name, is a version of Rotary’s “Four Way Test”. This test asks four questions (slightly reworded for children):
a. Is it the truth?
b. Is it fair to everyone?
c. Is it helpful to everyone?
d. Is it kind and will it build better friendships?
This project is another one in the club’s goals of “Serving the Community”.