Rotary is always ready for an immediate response when Cyclones, Floods, Tsunami strike our vulnerable Pacific neighbours.  This activity has been supported by clubs, Rotarians and the public for close on 40 years.  Please continue to help us continue to be the first Responder when the need arises. Emergency Response Kit Brochure here. Read on for some more NZ-relevant ideas
Rotary emergency response programmes focus on the Pacific.  However, we now know disasters can strike in New Zealand as well.  How well prepared are you personally for this?  Does your club have a plan to support members and their families in time of crisis?  This might be as simple as establishing a phone tree (old fashioned but gets an answer on the spot compared to emails that may not get through or be overlooked).  Raise awareness with a guest speaker on the topic each year followed by a workshop - could be all one meeting.  Maybe even organise this to include the community (great PR). Have a look also at