From this ... to this.  The NZ$50,000 for a project that converted a burned-out house to a new facility for birthing mothers in Taveuni Island came through the support of a number of clubs.
In another 5 weeks this will be completed ready for the birthing mothers from rural and remote locations and outer islands as a place to stay prior giving birth. Lack of transport and weather often delay their arrival at the hospital and many births do not have good outcome.
This is a great multi Club project.  It was not just funds that have been contributed.  A seven-member volunteer team from Waikato Sunrise Rotary (pictured) has just been fare welled after a solid week of painting and building.  Their contribution both physically and financially was an enormous and valuable help in progressing the project.
The local Rotary Corp team worked alongside them and real progress was made; it needs to be noted that  this is a project of Taveuni Island Rotary that has huge and very well organised local community involvement.