Powerful and destructive.  It is extremely worrying to see a cyclone developing and coming right at you.  You know it is going to hurt. It is even more worrying standing there in the wreckage of your home and possessions and wondering “what now” for your family having lost everything.  And then a Rotarian turns up with an …
...Emergency Response Kit.
Recent world news has shown the absolute devastation of hurricanes on other parts of the world such as Hurricanes Maria in the Caribbean and Ophelia in the UK ... just two of several in the ‘Blockbuster’ 2017 hurricane season. BUT in the Pacific hurricanes are called Cyclones and we can all recall the recent devastation of some recent ones such as Cyclone Winston that devastated Fiji and even caused damage in New Zealand.
Pukekohe Rotary are pictured here assembling dozens of ERKs for deployment into the Pacific.  They are among several clubs that help with the massive job in assembling these each year.  The process is highly structured from selection of items supplied to what these kits contained which ensures these kits maximise the support given to those receiving them.  ERKs are designed specifically for the challenging Pacific environment.  Stocks are held at strategic locations throughout the Pacific so that they can reach those in need promptly. The delivery of these is planned and made by Rotarians and as an example, in Fiji there is a formal planning group that meets when a cyclone is expected to impact Fiji to plan ahead of time the aid response by Rotary in associations with other services, including delivery of ERKs.
The Pacific cyclone season is fast approaching and the Rotary Emergency Response Kits (ERK’s) need replenishment after stocks were well deployed last season.  Imagine loosing literally everything your family possesses to powerful cyclone winds and you will gain some awareness of the value of these kits to families.  ERKs are delivered by Rotarians who are usually the first aid these people receive.
You CAN help.  If you are a member of a Rotary club in Auckland asked to help assemble these make sure you volunteer some time, and other volunteers are welcomed.  If you are unable to help assemble these you can make an invaluable contribution through a (tax-deductible) donation.  Go to https://www.rnzwcs.org/ for more information.