Far from being a small segment of our community, Rotarians come from all backgrounds and vocations.  Here is an insight.


Take just one Auckland club for example; they have 41% women as members and the age range is from young professionals to very active retirees. Vocations match this diversity such as medical, real estate, construction, education, shipping, tech, self-employed, charity sector, general sales and business. Members come from many countries of origin such as; born in NZ, Australia, Indonesia, China, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Europe, UK and with a ethnic mix to match.


Looking further afield in Auckland, there are ‘ethnic’ clubs such as Papatoetoe Central which is predominantly Indian, Auckland South Rotary which is predominantly of Asian cultures, Auckland Harbourside which is deliberately multi-cultural (approx. a third each ‘European’, Asian and Indian). One of Auckland’s North Shore clubs is for Koreans and hold meetings in Korean but revert to English to respect visitors … and we could go on.


In Auckland a new Satellite club has started based around education and throughout New Zealand there are some clubs formed for those under 40 years of age - "New Generation Rotary" club. So, an aside comment is that Rotary is flexible and does cater for the needs of those wanting to join.


A similar story would be told throughout Rotary in New Zealand.


In the Pacific, the clubs reflect their local communities so think Indian and Fijian in Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, French Polynesia all of course with an element of “expats” included as well. Underlying all the above is that irrespective the makeup of the club, all are Rotarians first and foremost.


In the Pacific especially, but also a growing part of NZ Rotary, there are people for whom Rotary is not realistically affordable or they simple want to make a contribution without becoming a Rotary member as such so along with club arrangements to include volunteers in an organised way there are Rotary Community Corps. An example is the many very significant projects undertaken on Taveuni Island (think rebuilding whole schools) where there is a very strong hands-on community involvement in all these projects with Rotary providing the organisation and leadership needed to ensure a quality outcome and continue to attract international funding and support.


So, “Rotary is for people like you and me”.


On www.rotaryoceania.zone you will find out more and be able to contact a local club for a no-obligation visit. Or call 0800 4 ROTARY. Visit the Facebook page as well at www.facebook.com/rotaryoceania to find out a little more about Rotary through the current news.