The West Harbour Beautification Project by the Rotary Club of Dunedin, with support from the the Rotary Club of Dunedin North, involves the creation of exercise opportunities along the 2.3 km stretch of the West Harbour Shared Pathway between the Dunedin Boat Harbour and Maia. 
The project also includes beautification of the area by planting native shrubs. The project has an estimated cost of $200,000 and all labour is being provided by Rotarians, their friends and families and TaskForce Green.  The design of the project has been carried out by Mick Field who is a landscape architect and he is doing the work as a volunteer.  He has been made an Honorary Member of our Club for his involvement in this project.
A key focus of the project is the installation of exercise equipment which targets the older user while not limiting the use by younger people.  This is the first such equipment in Dunedin and 13 items will be installed in 4 groups along the 2.3 km path.  Some items will be suitable for disabled users. To date, 6 items of equipment have been installed at two locations.  The equipment is being supplied by GymGure Ltd.
Progress to date includes extensive planting of natives - approx 1600 so far, woodchip mulching - 200 cubic metres so far - and the installation of interpretive panels at points of interest.  It also includes the creation of a "mini" park at the Ravensbourne Footbridge which includes 3 of the items of exercise equipment.. 
To date, significant supporters of the project are Ravensdown, Perpetual Guardian Trust, Rotary District Simplified Grant, Otago Community Trust, Dunedin City Council Community and Community Board grants, and the William Sherriff Trust.
The "jewel in the crown" will be the area immediately adjacent to the carpark at the Boat Harbour end of the Trail where exercise equipment will be installed, a barbeque facility created and space for a Tai Chi area.  That work will commence late in 2017.