When we travel, we soak up the sights and savour the experiences that relax and inspire us.  With overseas travel not an option at present we are finding that some of the experiences we seek out when we are abroad are actually available to us locally at much greater convenience.  Here is one such special event where you can visit beautiful and interesting gardens around Cambridge.
This includes a special 'behind the scenes tour' of Amber Garden Centre, where people can see how professional plant growers make sure that their plants survive! A project of the Cambridge Rotary, he ticket proceeds go to charity in the Cambridge area, including the Lifeskills charity that provides free counselling services for Cambridge school children.
Tickets can be purchased from www.cgf.nz, early bird until 30th September 2021 at $30, after that $40 for a normal ticket and senior $30.  (this site has great information about the garden festival).