REVITALISED would describe most Rotary clubs as they gather for the first time under Level 1.  For most they are experiencing a resurgence of members engaging with their clubs and the first in-person meeting under Level 1 could be described as “sell out” events.
Here are some examples of those first meetings:
Members and guests of a breakfast club was greeted by a glass of champagne from the venue manager. Yes, he was delighted they were back.  As a first, the club continued to use Zoom to make the meeting accessible by even those who could not attend in person.
One club decided to take the call to support local businesses literally and for the next few weeks will hold their meeting at a different café to get to know the businesses in their area and expand awareness that the club is an integral part of the community.
Several clubs report a surge of interest with visitors along to see what they have to offer.  One club had three because of the exposure of their Level 3 community support and another had two visitors because one of them came across Rotary members on a stream clean-up and stopped to chat about what they were doing.
Others have identified improvements to the structure and offerings of their meetings and implemented these to make these much more convenient and / or interesting for those attending. Better time management, greater attention to detail around what matters to attendees and improved promotions of these meetings is paying dividends.
No doubt there are many similar stories - keep sharing them on your Facebook pages.