In the second planting just in October, 1500 trees were planted on 14 October by a group of 70 Rotarians, Conservation volunteers and community groups at the Rotary Forest, Remembrance and Peace Park. This was the last planting day for the season so only 35,000 trees to go starting up again in May 2022. The Rotary Remembrance Peace and Forest Park in Dallington is the regeneration of vacant land badly damaged in the Christchurch earthquakes. It is exciting to see locals, businesspeople, families and children joining in to make this a beautiful place for the future.
This planting site is one of several that form part of the activity of the Rotary Trees Trust: that aims to help create a fully sustainable Aotearoa New Zealand, and to tackle climate change by planting native ecosystems in perpetuity in every community in the nation.  Pictures thanks to PDG Liz and DG9930 Nick Courtney.