In the early hours of Monday 14 November 2016 there were two severe earthquakes in the remote Kaikoura area of the South Island (Rotary District 9970) of New Zealand.  There has been substantial damage in the region, particularly to infrastructure such as access via roads and rail.  Some damage was also caused in the Wellington region (Rotary District 9940).
While significant and devastating these earthquakes are in a remote area of New Zealand and the rest of New Zealand is 'open for business'. Despite these and the 2011 Christchurch earthquakes these are rare events ... just real bad luck to have two events within a few years. Rotary will no doubt play a substantial role in helping the communities affected over time but no initial Rotary emergency response has been needed with this being organised via Civil Defence and other Government agencies.
There have been many expressions of concern and messages of support from around the world to Districts 9970 and 9940 and these are appreciated.
District 9970 Governor Arie and RNZWCS Stuart Batty will visit Kaikoura and the region when the roads reopen and meet with community leaders as there is no Rotary Club in Kaikoura or the region.  While initially it may be difficult to reach Kaikoura itself, Cheviot, Culverden and Waipara region are likely first stops.
They will endeavour to establish a Rotary Community Corp amongst them to assist Rotary in providing support for the reestablishment of community initiatives. If the same pattern follows that of Christchurch following their earthquakes, there will be a number of groups in need of assistance particularly around the welfare and wider needs of children and young persons. Rotary is aware that Lions International is very active in Kaikoura and will contact them with a view to collaboration.
Following inquiries from within New Zealand and overseas an Appeal has been set up
Rotary New Zealand will be working with members of the New Zealand Disaster Relief Forum to provide any support that is called for. Any specific concerns as to welfare of people etc. email   
Kaikoura and surrounding districts which is in District 9970 does not have a Rotary club. Appeal funds will be distributed to community activities resultant from the Earthquake as approved by District Governor 9970.
Four Donation Options Quoting Activity No. 999
Internet Banking              Westpac 03 1702 0192208 01  -  Swift Code WPACNZ2W  IBAN Code  031702
Paypal at          
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Cheque to                   RNZWCS Limited (Rotary New Zealand), PO Box 20309, Christchurch 8543
For more information email or our contacts listed on
Further updates will be posted on as appropriate as Rotary’s involvement in the recovery occurs over the coming months.
Of interest:
The Rotary International Board of Directors has authorized the formation of the Disaster Network of Assistance – Rotarian Action Group. The DNA-RAG provides advice and support for all aspects of disasters ranging from preparedness through long term recovery. DNA-RAG can be contacted for assistance by email at