Posted on Feb 20, 2018

There are a series of Clubrunner and Publicity SNAPSHOP guides you might find useful under 'For Rotarians' / 'Documents and Resources' on - a login is needed which is the same as for your club Clubrunner site.  Note that the direct links to these guides as below do not need you login to view as have been filed as 'Public' because they do not hold privacy information.  These may be updated at anytime so always go back to source (Documents) if possible.

The purpose of these is to find the quickest and easiest way for doing things useful for clubs in a way that anyone can achieve a good result using existing software.

If there are improvements to any of these you would like or have additional topics that need consideration please email

These are in no special order and are E&OE.  Additional guideance for Clubrunner can be obtained from the Clubrunner Help function or contact your District ICT Committee
More guides will be added to Documents over time.  Please use these and send to those who might need them.