Alcohol Wipes Fundraiser has the Potential to Raise Significant Funds for the Children’s Hospital
Whanganui Rotary Clubs have in storage in Whanganui 1632 cartons of alcohol wipes. There are 24 packets in a carton equating to about 36,000 packets in stock.
The product is called "Sweet Carefor", Alcohol Wipes, antibacterial,75% alcohol content. Expiry date, 10 April 2022.
The product was purchased by a Whanganui company, Amtech Medical, at the height of Covid 19. This company decided to change their product line and they were keen to dispose of the remaining stock as they wanted to vacate the storage space on which they were paying rent. Amtech Medical offered the stock to Rotary as a potential fundraiser for the Wellington regional Children’s Hospital, who were obviously delighted to take this on as it has the potential to raise between $20,000 and $40,000.
The product is described as being suitable for cleansing and hygiene for hospital medical staff and nursing staff, public areas, households, personal care and surfaces hygiene, and disinfection during flu seasons.The product is not flushable.Whanganui Rotary is marketing this product across our district, D9940, and hope to get into D9970 (Nelson/Marlborough) and D 9930 (Hawkes Bay) which are in the catchment of the Wellington Children's Hospital.
The recommended sale prices are: $2 per packet, 3 packets for $5, $25 per carton of 24 packets. The product was originally retailing at $5.50 a packet.Rotary is also offering this opportunity as a fundraiser for Rotary Clubs or schools i.e. by paying $25 per carton and on-selling at $2 per packet produces a $23 profit for each carton sold.
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