The Rotary Club of Hamilton East, New Zealand, has been organising a farm visit for the international students of the University of Waikato every year for more than 20 years.   
The farm, owned by Club member Neville Woodcock and his wife Carole,  is one of the largest sheep and beef farms in Hamilton with over 2,000 sheep and 300 cows. The cattle breed is Angus, famous for premium quality meat.  
The purpose of the farm visit is to provide a real kiwi farm experience to international students as most of the students come of the countries where farming is not common and many of them have not visited a farm before.
This year the visit was arranged on Saturday 18th March 2017. There were more than 60 students representing a number of countries including China, Japan, USA, Germany, Taiwan, Korea, Iran, New Guinea, Philippines and the Solomons.
The Rotarians from Hamilton East Rotary Club drove students to the farm. The day started with lunch arranged by the owners Neville and Carole and then the students were transported to the back of the farm to wonderful views over the Waikato.
The several activities were performed such as students got a chance to see how intelligent herding dogs control sheep with calm authority.
Some of the students are given chance to draft and shear the sheep and there were many quizzes related the general knowledge about farming, with prizes given to the winners.
The day ended with afternoon tea at farmhouse. The students were brought back to the University by the Rotarians.