Posted on Aug 04, 2022
The Rotary theme invites Rotarians to imagine the possibilities of a better world through Rotary service, and then to go and make it happen.  This is represented by the theme logo and the deep significance of this is explained here:
The 2022-23 presidential theme logo was designed by renowned Australia-based Indigenous artist Riki Salam to represent RI President Jennifer Jones’ theme and initiatives.

The logo represents key elements of Rotary while honouring the Indigenous culture:

The circle in aboriginal culture signifies connections to one another.
The dots around the circle represent people, one for each of our seven areas of focus.
The circle and the dots together become a navigation star, which signifies Rotary’s guiding light.
The solid line underneath signifies a digging stick used for hard work – a tool that Rotary’s people of action use to get things done
Colours: purple (polio eradication), green (environment), white (peace – Rotary’s core area of focus