Did you know that Rotary in New Zealand and Australia are drawing closer together? On 1 July, Australia joins us as part of the new Rotary Zone where instead of New Zealand and the Pacific being a Zone on its own we will be in a Zone that includes part of Australia. We do not lose our self-determination … independence ... call it what you will, but there will be improve synergies, communication and sharing and implementation of ideas that support clubs and strengthen Rotary in our region.


Come to the second joint Australia New Zealand Rotary Conference in Hobart this September to find out more - go to http://www.rotaryinstitute.org.au/ . The first was the 'New Zealand Australia Rotary Conference' last September in Auckland.  There will also be a special Future Leaders Forum on the Thursday before ... these are highly sought after because of their emphasis on seeking new innovation and ideas participants can take back to their clubs.  Likewise the Conference is a new format designed to be a generator of new activity and includes discussion as well as highly informative and motivating speakers.


Hobart is a wonderful place to visit with so many outstanding attractions and if you are adventurous the island of Tasmania is in a world of its own.  Well worth adding some extra time.