Rotary Club of Suva East donates 3000 Face Masks to the Ministry of Economy Data Team.
This story is from the Fiji Government Facebook page:
Rotary Club of Suva East donates 3000 Face Masks to the Ministry of Economy Data Team.
The Rotary Club of Suva East today, handed over 3,000 face masks to the Ministry of Economy for distribution to people who are isolated at home due to COVID-19. This partnership will ensure that masks reach those in need during this pandemic.
The 3,000 masks were handed over to the Ministry of Economy's Data Team, which will be distributed with the ration programme in the Suva, Lami and Nausori areas. These were handed over by Ms Ashika Devi and Mr Daniel Vikash to the Ration Coordinator, Mr Kamal Gounder.
The masks have been sourced by the Rotary Club of Suva East in partnership with Rotary Clubs in New Zealand through Rotary club of Porirua, Rotary club of Wellington, and Rotary Club of Awapuni.
The masks have been donated by:
Mr Nick Davenport
Lanaco Company
New Zealand
The Mask Project has been facilitated by Project Lead, Ms Ashika Devi, Immediate Past President of Rotary Club of Suva East.
So far, a total of 54,000 masks have been donated. These are distributed through various institutions to reach the needy around Fiji.
Mr Gounder was deeply thankful for the donations and expressed his gratitude for the face masks, which will be distributed along with household packs.
“On behalf of the Ministry, I want to say vinaka to Rotary Club of Suva East for their generosity. Our Data Team and Suppliers are working tirelessly to ensure rations are delivered in a timely manner to those in lockdown or in home isolation and these masks will help reduce transmission in communities," said Mr Gounder.
Mr Gounder also mentioned that some masks will be given out to General Practitioners (GPs) in the Suva and Nausori areas who have been engaged as part of the public-private partnership scheme developed by the Fijian Government to improve access to medical services during the pandemic.
The GPs will then provide these masks to those patients that qualify under the scheme.