The Rotary Club of Whanganui continues to provide support for a community initiative to educate and upskill people who have found it difficult to secure employment because of their past history. 
The objective is to create employment for themselves and the wider community.
To date we have provided gardening tools, a trailer, a cargo container which helped paint.  We continue to use our networks and help to gain funding for various initiatives.
A shade house for growing seedlings has been built and funding for a tunnel house has been secured and will be built within the next month. The Trust is now negotiating a contract with Horizons to supply plants.
Our next initiative is to collaboratively plant shelter belt trees around the property. President Tom Carter has generously offered to provide the trees
The biggest obstacle currently facing the project development is the requirement of having to purchase the Education Centre. Whilst partial funding has been secured, the balance required is beyond the trust capacity. The club secretary took the initiative to write to the Minister of Housing outlining what the importance of getting the house is to the community.
A candidate for RYLA from this community was interviewed and participated on the program in January.  From all intents and purposes, the venture for him was a huge success. We look forward to hearing how he will used the knowledge gained to provide leadership to other rangatahi in his community.
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