In October 2017, one-month-old Rosalia from Vanua Levu, Fiji, arrived at Christchurch Hospital for eye surgery. What happened next transformed her life.
From birth, one of her eyes was slightly protruding and its condition worsened. Doctors feared it may be cancer and recommended immediate treatment at Christchurch Hospital because of the twinning arrangement which exists between Suva and Christchurch Hospitals.
On behalf of ROMAC, the Rotary Club of Cashmere very quickly accepted the responsibility of the care of Rosalia and her mother Veronika. Rotarians Murray and Dianne Pearce, walked to the hospital daily to support Veronika throughout the many appointments with specialists. Five surgeons operated for four hours, and although no cancer was found, her eye could not be saved. Within the month, Murray and Dianne put a very happy Veronika and her baby on a flight home to her husband and two sons.
In May 2018, Rosalia returned with her mother to have surgery to prepare her eye socket for a painted eye to be fitted. Rotarian support, medical treatment and accommodation in Ronald McDonald House at Christchurch Hospital were outstanding once again, providing Rosalia with everything she needed.
Story taken from the ROMAC Newsletter - June 2018