The Third Object of Service for Rotarians is; The application of the ideal of service in each Rotarian's personal, business, and community life. Past President Anil of Glenfield Rotary shows how it is done.
Many Rotarians almost unconsciously do this, and it often happens unnoticed beyond those directly involved but it is something that defines Rotarians and here is one such example:
Anil (pictured with a young player) is a member and Charter President of Glenfield Rotary and was to attend a conference in Fiji held by a large national business conference group with NZ owned and operator dealers and NZ suppliers.  When he became aware that the conference was to participate in Volunteer Week by having its conference delegates volunteer for a day Vunayasi District School, just outside of Nadi Fiji, Anil immediately saw an opportunity not to be missed to use his Rotary connections to add value to this.
Anil is a keen hockey player with a passion for sports so, knowing the enthusiasm children have for any form of sport, he worked with Brian Mullan from Orewa-Millwater Satellite Rotary who in turn utilised his contacts with the Marist Rugby Club for a donation of brand new children’s rugby tops. Such a large consignment of rugby shirts was a challenge to his luggage allowance, so Anil came to an arrangement with Air New Zealand to allow him to take these with him at no additional charge.
Then the day arrived where the conference delegates visited the school to brighten it up with newly painted classrooms, the assembly of new chairs and desks for the students, delivery of cartons of book supplies, pens, new school bags and more, all of which delighted the school Principal and teachers.  The broadest smiles were from the children thanks to the hundreds of sports balls including volley-ball rugby soccer that were supplied and then they received their new rugby shirts from Anil on behalf of Rotary (as shown in the video).  What excitement as these really made them feel as though they were real players as they took to the field to play rugby.  They held their first tournament a week later proudly wearing these shirts.
So, this was a low-cost exercise for Glenfield Rotary that showed enterprise and the use of Rotary know-how and connections by a Rotarian to “make their day” for a bunch of children in a needy Pacific school.