Just as Rotary has become flexible in the format it offers, so has Rotaract.  The Rotary E-Club 9920 Francophone sponsored the now very popular and successful e-Club, Rotaract Club World One 9920 shown here giving a hand together to an NGO helping the people in need in Provence.
The week commencing 13 March is Rotary's World Rotaract Week and a time to acknowledge the substantial work in the community done by the nine Rotaract clubs in New Zealand plus the four in the Pacific Islands.  These young women and men really know how to engage with their communities, particularly with the youth of those communities.  Their common interest means they form lasting friendships with their own age group both at home and world wide.  If you know a young adult wanting to expand their network of contacts and friends as well as doing good in their community please encourage them to contact a local club - details via www.rotaract.co.nz