Eleven Rotary clubs in the Christchurch area have combined to maintain the Christchurch 360 Trail which is a 140 kms long walking/cycle track that goes around Christchurch, NZ. Recently the 360 Trail Committee took part in the Breeze Walking Festival and 20 people walked the trail in eight days. It was no mean feat. Rotarians provided “tail end Charlies”, co-ordinators and a BBQ for lunch on the longest section of the trail.
Prior to its initial launch in October 2015, Rotary clubs were allocated stretches of the trail to mark with both the Rotary and the 360 logos to show the way. It is exciting to do some of the trail and come across the logos in the midst of the wetlands at Travis or up on the Port Hills crater rim. World renowned ecologist Dr Colin Meurk has dreamt of the trail for over 20 years, and with Rotary assistance, it is now a reality. 
Colin has also spoken to many Rotary clubs throughout the wider Christchurch area and he is well respected for his vision with this project. 
The continuing involvement of Rotary clubs remains very strong, as clubs have been allocated areas of the trail that they visit at least three times a year, to check for vandalism of signage, clear the track of litter and cut back any foliage that impedes progress. The Rotary Club of Avonhead has been given a 9970 District Grant to place a seat on their stretch. Avon-Otakaro and Belfast Kaiapoi Rotary clubs are in the process of drawing their design that will add significantly to the public enjoyment using of their stretch of walkway. These will all be marked with Rotary logos, highlighting the involvement of Rotary in such a significant and well used community asset that is so well used by families on a day out, joggers, bikers and those just wanting to stroll in the outdoors amidst magnificent scenery.
This will be an ongoing commitment for the Christchurch-based Rotary clubs.  The Christchurch 360 Trail brought many Christchurch clubs together to get this underway, and the Rotary Neighbourhood Project funded the organisers to set up a webpage for promotional purposes. More on the Christchurch 360 Trail at www.chch360.org.nz.